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Ceo of THODEX is Scammer. Faruk Fatih Özer stole all wallets of Thodex users.

I was using THODEX crypto exchange market. Ceo of Thodex, name is Faruk Fatih Özer closed the system and he stole all customers' wallets. Now he is wanted by INTERPOL. 400.000 people lost their money with Thodex. Turkish crypto exchange market which is the name Thodex. Faruk Fatih Özer stole the money and fled the country. 400.000 Crypto investers lost all invests in thodex crypto exchange market. Date was 21 April 2021, Thodex users had problem to logining thodex system. People used Twitter to understand what happened. Thodex Ceo Faruk Fatih Özer was in airport and he went to Albania. Than people report to the police. Now he wanted by INTERPOL and still all investers waiting to get their wallets.
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decentralized file-sharing protocol

The world's largest decentralized file-sharing protocol, which works through peer-to-peer sharing, enables hundreds of millions of users to upload and upload multiple files. The program was started in 2001 by an American software engineer and was purchased in 2018 by Justin Sun, the founder of Theron. its very low. .. BitTorrent transactions are very secret and secure and BitTorrent works in such a way that large files are eaten in this system and the same files are sent to the recipient and anyone who uploads a file in this system except the sender of this system is considered BitTorrent currency cannot be extracted because the algorithm used is "pos" have a nice day
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MergeCats is one sure way to earn by gaming

Welcome to Merge Cats, a gaming platforn where players can just earn Cryptos by allowing cats that you've bought to go round a certain race track and help you earn coins, earnings are made faster by upgrading the cats. This game doesn't just serve as fun but also a nice passive earning platform. The game is actually very fun to play and even easy. The game was very easy to access in the sense that it was readily available in Google Playstore though I dont know for IOS devices. The game is just 50mb(as at the time i wrote this review), it comes with an entirely easy to navigate interface. For ease of play, I was actually given some initial tutorials at the beginning of the game so I actually found the game easy to play eventually, not even registration was required. As you keep upgrading the cats by merging them, you can put them on the track, for them to earn for you, quite interesting, isnt it? Though I haven't been playing this game for long I am still currently earning. I usually feel challenged when I see the leaderboards, so it has actually made me even focus on this game more because I have always hoped to be among the top ten on the leaderboard. There is an in app currency known as SOUL, which happens to be the reward for players. This token is one of the numerous ERC-20 tokens present in the Ethereum blockchain. There are alot of ways by which I earn,one of which includes the daily quests, here you are presented with some task s that if completed, comes with its own reward. I still havent completed my KYC verification, so it happens that I cant make any withdrawals though I have met the minimum withdrawal requirements (a thousand SOULs). It is interesring to note that SOUL token has its own value relative to USD.
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