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19 · Very good

GenreSports manager
StatusClosed beta

About Soccer Manager Elite

An evolution of the classic SM Worlds real-time multiplayer game, utilising blockchain technology, giving you true realism, ownership and total control. Only a limited number of clubs are available to manage in one exclusive game world, “The Elite Championship”. All the clubs are owned by shareholders (other players) who appoint their managers. This allows the game to be played by the thousands.

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Soccer Manager Elite: A Football Championship Blockchain Game

Soccer Manager Elite is a football championship blockchain game of great design and unique core among crypto games of this magnitude. In fact, there are little releases covering this type of games, so the company have a long road already won. It...See full review

Coach your own team with SM Elite

For me SM Elite is one of the revolutionary soccer games in the blockchain world and also an evolution of the classics of that platform. It is a totally fair game, free from hackers and cheats, therefore players are automatically protected. It has...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite: Promising soccer game that runs under the Blockchain platform with plays in crypto.

Still in development beta version but already with a lot of information and functionalities. It is an open source game that is being developed by testers in the beta version. The players and technical teams are being created by the developers and...See full review

Online soccer team management

A good base of the gaming system proposed by Soccer Manager Elite, given that, for many soccer lovers, they can enjoy the experience of directing or managing the team's financial system and at the same time having full control of their data and...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite, is an excellent game with an appeal to those users who love football. With this game it is possible for every user to become a manager of his own club with real money actions and real people. The initiative of this game is...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite - A decentralized soccer management game.

Soccer Manager Elite is a realistic soccer simulator made up over 800 clubs from 33 differents countries. SME gives the possibility to manage its own football team, develop club infrastructure, to build its own football stadium and to lead its club...See full review

Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite is a realistic football management game, based on blockchain, but is still in beta. But if you are eager to start testing this new version, visit the website and sign up to be able to have early access to the new version of the...See full review

Nice Soccer Manager Blockchain game

SME is a blockchain powered version of the popular Soccer Manager Worlds MMO. It is a decentralized and massively multiplayer game. As a manager you should dominate your opponents as well as scout and bid for players to improve your club’s team....See full review

Soccer Manager Elite

SM Elite is a massive online multiplayer soccer management game with a huge and persistent world of evergreen games. It is purely community driven, with true asset ownership and built to last forever. Auctions: You can buy and sell players at...See full review