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February 5, 2021


HBTC Review Competition

💲 HBTC Review Competition starts on February 5th. The reviews will be published on the renowned blockchain-based review platform - Revain! All authors of the reviews get rewards!

Here are the rules:

1) Register on the HBTC platform via this link, then write a high-quality review of HBTC on Revain and receive 2 RVN tokens (~ 2 USDT)

2) Like and retweet this tweet. Share the link to your review in the comments. Be sure to mention that this is your review. The reward is 1 RVN (~ 1 USDT).

3) When the competition is over, the Revain Team will choose the 3 best reviews. Authors of these reviews __will receive additional 10 RVN tokens (~ 10 USDT). __

Please note: only the reviews that passed moderation are eligible for rewards!

When you write the review describe your personal experience and your stories about the exchange. Revain Team values the user's personal experience with the exchange above all.

Remember: a high-quality review doesn’t have to be a positive one. A review can be positive, negative, or neutral. All reviews should be fully original and contain at least 500 symbols. Please pay attention to the quality of your review, we don’t accept low-quality ones. We expect detailed, reasoned, and well-written feedback. Rewriting someone else's review is prohibited, please write your own original ideas.

Rewards for this giveaway will be sent to you in RVN tokens (don’t confuse it with RVN from CoinMarketCap). To learn about RVN token please scroll down.

The competition will be held from February 5 to February 12, 23:59 (UTC+0). The winners will be revealed on February 15.

What is RVN token

RVN is Revain’s inner token and exists only inside the Revain platform. Your reward will be sent in RVN tokens on your Revain account. After that, you can exchange your RVNs on REVtokens and then trade them on many popular exchanges. Please don't confuse RVN with Ravencoin (RVN) from Coinmarketcap. 1 RVN ~ 1 USDT

How to withdraw your RVN from Revain

To exchange RVN for REVtoken you need to verify your account via Telegram Passport. Click on ‘Settings’ ---> ‘Log in with Telegram’, then follow Telegram instructions. After that, enter your wallet number on which you want to receive REVtokens. Click ‘Save changes’. Then click on ‘Wallet’ ---> ‘Withdraw tokens’.

If you have any additional questions please ask them in the Revain official Telegram group.

About HBTC

HBTC exchange is the world's leading technology driven crypto asset trading platform, jointly invested by Huobi, OKEx and other 56 first class institutions. After nearly two years of smooth operation, HBTC is now able to provide customers with spot, contract, OTC, options and staking products and services, with additionally first tier liquidity of mainstream currency and contract trading on the platform.

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