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June 2, 2021


New rewards focus

Hello everyone! We have an important announcement

For over three years Revain focused on crypto and blockchain projects. We wanted to build a platform that provides reliable information about this new and complex industry.

And we did just that. There are tens of thousands of reviews of thousands of projects on Revain. We collaborate with exchanges and innovative projects to make crypto more transparent and reliable.

We want to thank all the users who shared their opinions and experiences. And we are especially grateful to the Experts who published the detailed and insightful reviews and helped us to develop the community.

Now it is time to move on to new goals and make Revain a truly global and universal review platform where people can find any type of feedback that they need.

This is why we are making changes to the rewards system. We will leave the reviews of crypto to the true enthusiasts who still have ideas to share. The XP rewards for reviews of all companies and products in the “Crypto” category will remain. The RVN rewards for these reviews are now disabled.

We want to encourage the reviewers to share their opinions in other review categories - and we are going to add new categories soon.

It is important to help others make the right decisions. And there is no better way to do it than to share your experiences. So get to writing and let your ideas be heard!

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Pankotai Péter

12 days ago

Great, i really love it. I got 7500 rvn token so im really appriciate for that. And the chart is so good as i seen it. Lots of green peek. So lets do it as like this and to the moon. Nowadays its so cool things to type our feedback and its amazing feeling for me and the others too.

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