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September 6, 2021

Revain's Birthday Competitions!

Today is a special day - Revain is four years old!

For four years, we’ve been growing and expanding, experimenting and succeeding. An idea turned into a big platform. And we have even bigger plans for the near future.

All of that would not be possible without you, dear Revainers. Thank you for staying with us. Keep an eye out for new updates!

Meanwhile, to celebrate the occasion, we are launching five Birthday Competitions! You can participate in all of them, in some of them or just in the one that you like the most. The competitions will end on September 20!

Here are the compatitoins:

Revain-Photo-Competition-1 (2)

Competition 1

Take a photo of a device with an opened Revain website in front of a cultural landmark or a pleasant view. It can be a smartphone, a tablet device, a laptop, or any other device. Revain’s logo needs to be visible.

We are looking for live photos of devices with Revain's website in front of an actual view or cultural sight.



Edited images are not accepted.

Send the photos to [email protected] with the message subject “Revain photo”. Authors of the 10 best photos will each receive 5 RVN.


Competition 2

Send us the story about you and how you discovered Revain. You can use Benaiah’s story as an example.

Send the story to [email protected] with the message subject “Revain story”. Authors of the 5 best stories will each receive 20 RVN.


Competition 3

We’ll audit the active accounts. 10 users who’ve been on the platform the longest will each receive 10 RVN.


Competition 4

All the reviews on Revain are stored on the blockchain. So you can safely destroy all the unnecessary drafts of your reviews. Send us a video of the impressive destruction of a piece of paper with your review draft on it. There are no limits, but remember to stay safe!

Send the videos to [email protected] with the message subject “Draft Elimination”. 5 authors of the most impressive videos will each receive 50 RVN.


Competition 5

Send us a recording of a folk song with at least one of the words in the lyrics is changed for “Revain”. You need to sing it!

Send the recording to [email protected] with the message subject “Revain Song”. The author of the best song will receive 100 RVN, the author of the second-best song will receive 50 RVN, and the authors of the third-best song will receive 30 RVN!

Good luck!

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Comments 2
Stephen Toluwani
September 19, 2021
Great competitions Revain. Just made my submissions, hope you guys liked 'em😁 And Happy birthday too. 4 years in the industry shows how resilient you are. Cheers to another 40 years ahead 🥂
gregori cordova
September 06, 2021
I love all these new competitions. congratulations to revain for turning 4 years maintaining a strong and united community and for continuing to make a barrier to the censorship that characterizes the internet today
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