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September 7, 2021

Revain’s New Reward System

There is a famous fairy tale in which Ali Baba says the magic words "Open Sesame" and gets the treasures of 40 thieves. Now Revain gives you an opportunity to get the treasures of successful and growing companies. Just say the magic word "review".

Here’s the brief description of the rewards distribution:

Revain’s new reward system is based on profit-sharing. It means that reviewers get a part of Revain’s ad revenue. The reviewer’s rewards are proportional to the ad revenue that their reviews generate.

The most important takeaway here is the more people read your review - the more rewards you get. There is no limit on how much revenue one review can generate.

And the best part is - a review can generate rewards for as long as people keep reading them. One single review can bring you rewards for days, weeks, and months! All you have to do is write at least one review every 30 days and make sure that your review is at least 2000 characters long and it follows the rules of the platform.

The sky’s the limit. The more reviews you write - the more you get!

There is also a fixed reward just for posting a review that is at least 2000 symbols long, contains at least 3 images and is in a category in which rewards are enabled.


Let’s take a look at this example:

Mary registered on Revain, subscribed to our social media, and read the Review Policy. Now she’s ready to write some reviews.

Mary recently bought an air conditioner online. It’s late spring, it will be hot where she lives soon. So she reasonably assumes that a lot of people will be looking for air conditioners. These people will also be interested in reading reviews about online shops that sell electronics.

This is why Mary decides to write a review of the shop where she bought the air conditioner. She explains what she bought there, why she chose this specific shop and how much it cost. She compliments the delivery time and the helpful support service of the shop. However, she also warns the readers that she encountered some errors on the shop’s website.

Now she needs to attach images to her review. Mary decides to attach two photos of the air conditioner from different angles and a screenshot of the main page of the shop. In the end, Mary also decides to provide a link to the helpful guide about cleaning air conditioners on a reputable website.

The review is published. A few days later a lot of people read the review, so Mary gets a lot of RVN as a reward for her feedback. Mary is happy with the results and decides to write more reviews of her recent purchases and of the online shops. Some of these reviews also end up being popular, readers express their gratitude in the comments.

Then Mary opens her profile and exchanges the RVN tokens which she received for cryptocurrency which she can then exchange for dollars anywhere she wants.

You can find the detailed rules of the system here.

You can find Revain Review Policy here.

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