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: 74
Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 2.00
Daily Limit$ 8,000.00
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 1.20
Overall Fee0.92%

About Wirex EUR

The Wirex EUR Payment Card is a Visa secured and crypto-enabled prepaid card. It offers instant in-app currency exchange between fiat and crypto in any direction (£, $, €, Bitcoin and Litecoin). Once the account has been verified, users can manage multi-currencies using the virtual card through the app or order a physical card instead. The card can be frozen and defrosted from within the app if lost and there are no fees for inactivity. A feature unique to the Wirex Payment Card is CryptobackTM; a program that rewards users with 0.5% of their in-store transactions in Bitcoin when they spend by swipe, chip & pin or tap & go. The card has a €1.20 monthly fee, is currently free to order (including delivery) and is enabled with in-app notifications. The maximum account balance is €8000, with an unlimited daily transaction allowance.

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Wirex EUR, is a card that accepts many types of financial deposits, allowing you to make transactions from country to country without having to have accounts abroad. The card works with bitcoin…See more


It is a Bitcoin card, but users see it more as a bank. Since it has a very secure platform that makes you manage your money as you wish and without any problem. If you as a user have this card, you…See more

A tool that pays you to use it

I like to use Wirex Eur for several reasons, one of them is that for every purchase I make, they return 0.5% of it, for example, if I spend € 1000 they reimburse me € 5, I know it may not seem like…See more

Very good product

This product could not be said to be the best in the entire market because it presents certain damages that are solvable. But not all bad this card could be said that despite everything meets the…See more

Wirex's bank card

Considered today as an online bank, Wirex is a Bitcoin wallet. Thanks to its secure platform, it makes the use of digital money even easier and more accessible to everyone. It offers its customers…See more

Wirex other cryptographic card

Wirex offers the user a debit VISA card that allows payments and transactions with cryptocurrencies. By which you can buy, send, exchange and use cryptocurrencies anywhere and at any time. It is…See more

Spend your crypto everywhare

Wirex is a cryptocurrency debit Visa card that you can load with different cryptocurrencies and then use in stores and ATMs just like any other debit card.See more

Expand the availability of banking services.

I’ve really been impressed when I was researching it. It’s a crypto friendly account, which has exceptionally competitive fees, provides the market rate exchange rate, and a good user interface…See more

A big player in the market.

To secure client funds, they store the user's funds in a cold storage wallet that is multi-signed and separate. This ensures that no one besides you can access your money. It supports multi-factor…See more

My review about the WIREX EUR VISA card.

Today i want to tell you something about the Wirex EUR VISA card. I was searching for a good crypto credit card for a long time, so i decided to test the WIREX card. I wanted to have a VISA card…See more