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KuCoin is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2017. Despite the fact that the service is new to the market, it offers traders quite loyal conditions for trading cryptocurrency


DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. It was founded by blockchain enthusiasts and the core team come from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP. DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore.


Since its inception, the Uniswap Protocol (”Uniswap”) has served as a trustless and highly decentralized financial infrastructure. Inspired by Ethereum’s vision, we have long committed to the ideals of permissionless access, security, and immutability, all indispensable components for a future where anyone in the world can access financial services without fear of discrimination or counterparty risk.


Nominex exchange, a company that sets new market standards through changing rules in boring trading. Unlike banks and previous generation exchanges, who are using the primitive, brutal, and fun-less old-school banking system, Nominex makes trading elementarily understandable, engaging, and TLC no matter where you are 24/7.


PTS-Alpha is a British cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2016. The listing of the trading floor includes popular tokens and promising altcoins: PTS, ETH, XMV, AGLT and others. In total, there are a little less than 100 different coins on the exchange.


DragonEx is a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 200,000 active users, and $45M to $75M on a daily transaction volume at the moment, continuing to grow.


Emirex Token (EMRX) creates the infrastructure for the new digital economy proudly brought to you by the Emirex Group. As the native token of the Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has multiple use cases: listing fees for placement of tokenised assets, transactional fees from buy/sell transactions, custody and servicing fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offering develops.


Bittrex Global is a state-of-the-art digital asset exchange platform inspired by industry-leading security practices to provide dependable exchange execution administrations for wide-ranging customers around the globe. A revolutionary cryptocurrency trading stage, Bittrex exchange offers accessibility to over 347 cryptocurrency markets and continues to administer a streamlined modus operandi that facilitates effortless listing of new tokens.


HitBTC is a crypto exchange that has over 800 trading pairs. The platform was created in 2013, and provides exchange, custodial and other related services. HitBTC offers a range of APIs such as REST, WebSocket, FIX API.


P2PB2B is a cryptocurrency exchange that is mainly focused on the needs and interests of businesses. From the B2B point of view, the exchange has several benefits. Open API allows any API apps like exchangers, financial services, startups to get a free listing. Therefore new projects can attract the audience while established businesses give their users more opportunities. The exchange also promises that the listing process of new coins will take only 5 minutes. The primary listing form contains just 4 questions and further communication is made by mail.


Stocks.Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Traders have access to popular tokens like Bitecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc., as well as rare and little-known coins - Fuloos, Polic, Sigil, and many others. In total listing of the exchange includes about 100 cryptocurrencies. Trading takes place in 4 main markets - PTS, ETH, LTC and NXT. The exchange also has its own shares of STEX, issued as assets of NXT, allowing to make a profit in the form of dividends.


Probit is a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange. ProBit Exchange only lists what it deems to be 'qualified and deserving' cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange reportedly has an order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second and a customizable user interface. In addition, ProBit Exchange claims to provide users with the option of a hardware security key in addition to 2 Factor Authentication.


BitForex is the world's leading digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency trading services. BitForex effectively operates taking into consideration its user's best interests using its profound knowledge on the Blockchain to select high-quality currencies for global users, leading the trend of Blockchain technology.


MERCATOX is a multifunctional platform that allows you to work with digital tokens. The service combines a payment system, an automated trading system, and a P2P exchange based on smart contracts.



KuCoin is an elaborate and safe crypto-to-crypto transaction platform founded in 2017 to furnish users with convenient digital assets exchange services that are both secure and incredibly reliable. The KuCoin exchange token is abbreviated as KCS for KuCoin Shares, and every KCS holder entitled to a variety of impressive perks including access to lessened trading fees, bonuses, and other preferential services. Currently, KuCoin exchange platform highlights an ultra-modern innovative API, augmented by reliable security solutions, self-service management features—along with an efficient notification module. In terms of appeal to an ordinary customer, KuCoin is in a class of its own charging a fixed trading fee of 0.1%—which is considerably lower than the global industry average of about 0.25%. KuCoin exchange also entails an exceedingly powerful trade engine framework with the capacity to process approximately 1,000 order requests every second. KuCoin mobile app can be accessed on both iOS and Android.


Hyperion is built to underpin a global decentralized map economy in which interests of stakeholders are well aligned and everyone has the autonomy to access the utility of Hyperion, that is, pervasive and autonomous location and map services. The overall design goal of Hyperion Protocol Network (HPN) is to power the aforementioned location and map services in an open, censorship-resistant and fault-tolerant manner.


Zilliqa is a blockchain platform tailored towards enabling high-throughput data-driven decentralized applications, designed to meet the scaling requirements of applications in areas such as digital marketing, payment, shared economy and rights management.


The CyberVein network is the first Distributed Ledger System allowing for the decentralized management of complex datasets on the blockchain itself, without requiring centralized storage providers. CyberVein is an ecosystem based on the DAG architecture and contains the underlying blockchain system of programming languages, virtual machines, and new smart contracts. It is committed to solving the data value problems of information age from both technical and commercial levels.


Ravencoin is a digital peer to peer network that aims to implement a use case specific blockchain, designed to efficiently handle one specific function: the transfer of assets from one party to another. Built on a fork of the Bitcoin code, Ravencoin was launched January 3rd, 2018, and is a truly open source project (no ICO or masternodes). It focuses on building a useful technology, with a strong and growing community.


Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform which allows companies to build their products and services using child chains while relying on the security provided by the parent chain.


Vitae Token is a PIVx fork. Containing PIVx technology. Based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. It utilizes a network of Masternodes/Supernodes for an openly visible decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy.


Fusion is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts. Fusion can convert values across various blockchains by removing the middleman and can fulfill almost all the functionality of traditional finance in a distributed and more efficient manner, with substantial cost savings.


Ignis (IGNIS) is an essential part of the Ardor platform. It is the main child chain - fully featured and permissionless for everyday transactions with low fees. All the Ardor platform transaction types and features are available on the Ignis child chain. Furthermore, account specific functions, such as setting account properties and multi-signature configurations (account control), are facilitated exclusively by Ignis but accessible across all child chains.


PRIZM is a fully decentralized, self-regulating system with native Blockchain and unique PARAMINING technology. PRIZM — is a 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built in the open source Java language.


Nxt is an open source blockchain platform and the first to rely entirely on a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. Launched in November 2013 and written from scratch in Java, Nxt is proof that blockchain technology is not only about simple transfer of value but also has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives with the various decentralized applications that can be built with it. Today, Nxt remains one of the most tested and reliable platforms in the industry, influencing numerous other projects. With its many easy to use modular built-in features, Nxt covers most of the dApp use cases and at the same time is perfectly suitable for private blockchain implementations.


DigitalNote is a decentralized Proof-of-Work (bmw512)/Proof-of-Stake(echo512) hybrid blockchain with near-instant untraceable transactions and encrypted messaging features at its core. The network is resistant to 51% attacks via its VRX v3.0 technology and it is mobile-ready with lightweight wallet functionality. A masternode network enhances untraceability and provides an incentive for users to secure the network, whilst enabling instant private transactions and P2P messaging that are impossible to trace or censor. Miners and stakers are encouraged to participate via network fee payouts, resulting in consistent block generation and ensuring a lightning-fast network overall. DigitalNote was originally released as "duckNote" by an anonymous individual or group of individuals under the pseudonym "dNote" in 2014. Over the years more advancements were added to the protocol, with each major upgrade rebranding the name of the protocol (first "DarkNote" and then ultimately "DigitalNote"). Much like Bitcoin's "Satoshi Nakamoto", the original founder(s) vanished in 2017 leaving the open-source code to be progressed by a community team who have since continued development.


Bitcore aims to be the #1 solution for direct payments. Bitcore has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while providing possibly the best on-chain scaling solution in the entire crypto-sphere.


A decentralized and social e-Payment Platform with zero fees and fast transactions, which aims to enable a frictionless digital economy.


Mintcoin (MINT) is an innovative secure power-saving hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency. It used faster PoW-mining during the first 5 weeks of its existence for amassing the initial amount of coins. Mint Coin combines lightning-fast, free transactions, with low power consumption.


Emercoin is a digital currency and blockchain service platform distributed blockchain services for business and personal use. Offering some innovative, real-world solutions, the Emercoin Blockchain is the premier public blockchain for secure, decentralized business operations.


DeepOnion is an anonymous and 100% untraceable cryptocurrency sent through the TOR network. DeepOnion is a hybrid cryptocurrency that uses proof of stake (PoS) and the X13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm.


Zero offers total payment confidentiality, while still maintaining a decentralized network using a public blockchain. Zero combines Bitcoin’s security with Zcash’s anonymity and privacy. At the core of Zero technology is zero-knowledge proofs, this allows transaction data to be validated without revealing information about the amount and the parties involved. Zero uses specific zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge). Zero is built on strong science and audited meticulously by third parties. It is an open-source protocol, built by a security-specialized engineering team, and originally based on Bitcoin Core’s battle-tested codebase.


Pakcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency having its own blockchain. It has near to zero cost instant payments and can be sent to anyone on the Pakcoin network anywhere in the world. Its main focus is Pakistani users but others are also warmly welcome to its community. Pakcoin has developed a good ecosystem around it and seeing good growth over time.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES), manufacturing automation systems and optimization of manufacturing activities initiate, monitor, optimize, and documents manufacturing processes from the eginning of the assignment to the manufacturing of end products in real-time.

Midas Protocol

Midas Protocol is an intelligent platform created for crypto-traders, from newbies to experts. We aim to be the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion to fiat, and spending of cryptocurrencies.

IQ.�ash is universal large-scale blockchain platform for Traders, Investors & Miners. Its main goal is to provide instant anonymous online payments and investing. Cryptocurrency has millions of active users around the world and the number of people constantly grows very fast.


EverGreenCoin is a mechanism leveraged to nourish users more important focus, taking responsible care of our environment and the world we live in.


PalletOne is a distributed Interchain Protocol for Abstract Level Ledger Ecosystem. The PalletOne includes the Dapp, contract status, and underlying blockchain three-tier architecture, smart contracts, and underlying blockchain three-tier architecture.


Digital Fantasy Sports (DFS) describes itself as a premium blockchain eSports arcade and fantasy sports gaming token. DFS is used as an in-game currency to create a transparent network built on smart contracts.


MMOCoin Marketplace is a Cryptocurrency based Marketplace where users can pay with MMOCoin and Bitcoin for gaming services, blockchain services, logo designs, graphic designs, voice-overs, twitch services, article writing, automatic social bots, cryptocurrency education, wow boosting, power leveling, gaming addons, gaming products, online gaming services, t-shirts, steam cards, amazon cards, google play cards, PlayStation cards, other digital cards & a lot more digital services and products


PUX offers an opportunity to gain passive income from the interactions received in social media. Meantime, it helps companies or other parties promoting their products to the right audience. Additionally, both individuals and corporate accounts can use PolypuX platform to grow their social media accounts.


LanaCoin is dedicated to my daughter for her 10th birthday. This doesn't make the coin hers and hers alone but is simply the most unique way for a geek father to say happy birthday.


The NTK token will be used to power Netkoin's Ecosystem on Netkoin's location based mobile application and business management platform. Providing customers access to local trends, promotions, deals and rewards based on their current or any location.


SCRIV NETWORK develops an infrastructure services to equip cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors with powerful, convenient, and universal instruments.


TajCoin is a personalized PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.

Abitshadow Token

ABST aims to build a virtual reality ecosystem based on blockchain technology to connect virtual reality content, creators and users.

Yakuza DAO

YAKUZA created to fight scammers in crypto - the initial goal is to gain value on the treasury by creating a liquidity mining program. Yakuza DAO offers a community driven token with yield farming built on the DFO platform.

LGCY Network

LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. LGCY (Legacy) Network claims to be a dApp based blockchain that will run on the Libertas Protocol to engage community participation.

ZZZ is a community-centered DeFi-project, modeled to take the successful features of Yearn Finance (YFI), and improve upon them.


BuySell Coin is a project that aims to help wild animals. It plans to find organizations to cooperate with, such as charitable foundations, reserves, and shelters for homeless animals.


JBOX claims to be a decentralized blockchain video streaming platform designed to provide customers with a sense of value for their leisure time via a well-augmented dual mining process (Proof of Upload and Proof of View). This program is designed to benefit token user for downloading and streaming videos of all varieties on the JBOX platforms.

VINEX Network

Launched in June 2018, Vinex Network Pte Ltd is a centralized exchange based in British Virgin Islands. It supports 47 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs and lending. Vinex also features staking reward, OTC, leaderboard as social trading functionality and airdrop center.

ETG Finance

ETG Finance or Ethereum Gold Finance is a Decentralized Finance Yield Farming project that comes with Integrations unseen in many Current Defi projects.

Maya Preferred 223

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Not only will Maya Preferred change the way people transfer money worldwide, but it will also become the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by many leading retail stores. Because Maya Preferred is an ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, it will be able to execute all of these money transfers and payments for a fraction of the fees charged by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Western Union.


SCOP is a Scopuly platform token, it allows you to: invest in IEO projects; launch IEO projects on the platform; pay fees from crypto-fiat exchange transactions; access future platform services. Token issued by Stellar.


MELECOIN is described to be a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce. The project aims to solve the problems of electronic commerce, banking services and smart investments, and expand the scope to the largest possible slice in creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to create a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternative source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.


Piixpay is crypto-to-EURO payment gateway operating since 2014. It offers the easiest pay-out flow where users can pay bills, invoices etc. with crypto. Trusted by, miners, traders and Blockchain developers.


BitcoinOX - Real Multi True Crypto Wallet. Store, send and receive crypto with the Bitcoin OX software cold wallet. You can instantly transact with anyone in the world and transform the blockchain system right from your pocket. It's free and takes just a few seconds.


NACDAQ is a platform on which transactions with digital assets and related services are performed. The platform is intended only to obtain information about digital assets, search for trading counterparties, conduct negotiations and conclude transactions with digital assets. is an Electrum based open source native cryptocurrency wallet for ARCO, NEVA, LANA, TAJ and NETKO.


Nominex exchange, a company that sets new market standards through changing rules in boring trading. Unlike banks and previous generation exchanges, who are using the primitive, brutal, and fun-less old-school banking system, Nominex makes trading elementarily understandable, engaging, and TLC no matter where you are 24/7.


Founded in early 2018, Whalesburg is still at MVP stage but already profitable. The pool hashrate is steadily growing as more features are being added. Whalesburg is a profit-switching mining pool that also offers track progress.


Use Adaigi’s global payment network to receive money via retail, e-commerce, and donation from customers anywhere on earth.

Pakcoin E-Wallet

Pakcoin E-Wallet, send and receive pakcoins anywhere. Get easyloads on any network in Pakistan with a discount from this e-wallet using pakcoins.


A unique crypto p2p exchange with zero fee and no crypto deposit requirement.

Pak Stakers

PakStakers provides you with all of the necessary services for staking/mining PakCoin, You do not have to keep your PC/Device online, which saves money.



Bitpie Wallet is based on HD wallet technology, the user can send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly, it can also make all kinds of transactions more convenient. In addition, the wallet provides Dapp access which can free enterprises from repetitive development and spare development resources. The wallet supports BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, and all EOS and ERC-20 tokens.

Magnum Wallet

Magnum is a light and anonymous web wallet for managing more than 700 crypto assets. Users have full control over their private keys, and they do not need to create an account. Magnum desires to provide users with the opportunities to earn passive income on their digital assets.


MyEtherWallet is an open source, javascript, client-side tool for generating Ethererum Wallets & sending transactions. MyEtherWallet gives the ability to generate new wallets.


imToken is an Android and iOS wallet for ETH, BTC, EOS and ERC20 compatible tokens, it is centralized and lets users access the blockchain without locally storing it. It allows managing multiple-chain wallets with one Mnemonic passphrase.


Trezor is a cold type cryptocurrency wallet available for web and mobile. It runs on Windows, Linux, macOS and supports 500+ cryptocurrencies. It does not offer extra services.


Ledger Nano S is a cold type cryptocurrency wallet available for the web. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS and supports 24 cryptocurrencies. It also available for the usage as a Google Chrome extension.