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This is a fairly interesting platform in terms of features. Not only that, there are a lot of coins of various kinds, but also a very active position of the exchange - some tools, stocks, forks constantly appear. The choice of ways to make money is much greater than everywhere. Beginners often come to this exchange, so a few tips for beginners: 1) put 2fa and a message to confirm the output - your username and password can be stolen in different ways and if you do not follow basic safety rules, then lose funds 2) if you hear about a coin and you really want to invest heavily in it - find all the info about the coin, see how similar projects grew and analyze this solution from all sides, on any exchange you can run into a scam and it will be extremely not a pleasant experience 3) if you saw a more profitable course in crypto - check the possibility of input / output, maybe a wallet for those jobs, and also check if this coin is through the coinsinfo tab, since the names can match (this is the norm for all exchanges, but here it occurs more often due to the large number of coins. In general, I have a very good impression of yobite. Now support is very fast, there aren’t any friezes on the exchange and everything works fine. Try to trade here and understand the ways of making money, I think many will like the tools that the yobit exchange offers :)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I like this exchanger - electronic money transfer transactions are carried out quickly and accurately. The exchanger works with 13 currencies! I often change to BTC. Conditions are always more profitable than on other similar resources. I don’t see the point in looking for another exchanger - this one completely suits me! Technical support is also respect! A confirmation was sent to the post office that the money had been sent, but in fact I had to wait for them for about a day. The guys are not asleep. operations are processed very quickly, and if the payment freezes, the support promptly solves technical problems. have gained a reputation as a trusted partner and we do everything possible so that your impressions of our service are only favorable.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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