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Ark works really well and they've shown consistent commitment which in the flash bang crash world of crypto is actually quite impressive. Slow and steady might just win this race. Love this line from the Ark whitepaper "The way forward is to deliver solid and easy-to-use technology to enable new use cases and disrupt the existing ones." Ark has dynamic fees which will help keep transaction cost low. I've seen thousands sent for less than .001. I still think Ark can be THE best option for remittances because of its speed and ease of use. ArkPay is already well developed. Vendors can pretty much take ARK now with minimum implementation. Services to go from crypto to fiat already exist as vendors on ARK as well. It's a generation 3 blockchain with native dPOS and excellent portability between languages. It uses custom transaction types instead of smart contracts, which may solve some problems of smart contracts. Plus, the ability to easily spawn blockchains from the ARK Core is well developed at this point. It's made for ease of implementation, I could see ARK being a very simple portal for customer facing adaptation. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Many investors investing in crypto currencies are also pursuing a strategy of diversifying their assets between different currencies. However, this requires a relatively high effort because they have to buy the different cryptocurrencies at different stock exchanges or brokers and deposit them in different wallets. On iconomi, on the other hand, it is possible to invest directly in a broadly diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Investors simply select the BLX or another fund on the platform and can make their investment decisions in a matter of minutes. All information on fund performance, current prices and the fund’s portfolio is available directly on the platform. The iconomi token, bitcoin, ether and some other cryptocurrencies are currently accepted as means of payment. These currencies must be bought by investors on a crypto trading platform or from a broker. This means that they purchase BLX tokens or shares in one of the external funds on the iconomi platform. The BLX token is an ERC-20 token that is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and can be stored in a hardware or paper wallet. According to its own statements, iconomi plans to support the purchase of fund units in euros and US dollars in the foreseeable future. In 2016 Iconomi had a successful ICO and delivered on everything with great communication. I personally have used this product since the beginning. I find Iconomi to be a great company, always responsive and they do what they say for investors. The product is top notch and I've always been satisfied when using their apps. Quick purchases and rebalancing of your portfolio is very easy. I recommend the product, the team and the app. Ease of use and building crypto strategies to share with others is part of the great qualities I see with Iconomi. They offer a way to create or invest bundles of various cryptocurrencies all at once. I honestly have just had a great experience with them overall and have no complaints. The Iconomi app and website are definitely worth a try and if it's your first experience in crypto I'd definitely recommend Iconomi. When you get more advanced you can become a Crypto Strategy Manager which is an addictive and new way to diversify your investments. Since Iconomi was the first to market they have a number of advantages and have the knowledge to make changes before most of their competition. I just wish they also offered service in the USA. The Iconomi index funds for cryptocurrencies work according to the same principle as conventional index funds: They reflect the market relations and market development of the relevant cryptocurrencies. By distributing the investments to at least 70 percent of the cryptocurrency market, the investment risk and in particular the risk of a total loss of the investment is significantly reduced. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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