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Revain is a blockchain-based review platform and it does not allow reviews to be changed or deleted, and the changes would be visible - it's blockchain, yay! Rewards system is probably the one of the finest I've seen in a while, it really encourages you to write an honest and reliable review to the service you were using.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Even though CoinDeal is approximately one and half year old, it doesn't make them feel worse than more experienced players in the game. CoinDeal is developing with tremendous pace, every day brings more added feature to their website, another pairs, or fiat. It's an exchange with high-standard security system combined with fresh approach to their users. Every month there is a users vote for a new cryptocurrency, which is going to be listed next month. The verification process might be a bit tiring, but live-chat support is doing their best to cope with every single ticket (i've been there). Right now they are releasing their own CoinDeal Token and by staking it you will be able to have access to some nice features, like lower transaction fees.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Zcash is one of my favorites when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It's decentralized, anonymous-transactions privacy coin, which gives you much more freedom than regular cryptocurrencies. Due to the difficulties with tracking down transactions, it's oftenly used for a crime incidents, which is not helping the development of the company. It's really hard to predict the way Zcash might follow in the next years - some countries are banning privacy coins due to the lack of transparency mixed with untraceable transactions, which can cause many problems.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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