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It is a Russian exchange with average trading convenience and average trading volume. The exchange has the ability to establish two-factor identification. You can also enable confirmation of transactions by mail, which makes the work on the exchange even more secure. There is no condition on this exchange that you will have to go through verification - I think this is the main advantage of the exchange. Also on this exchange there is a large number of currency pairs, more than 8650! Such a number of pairs gives a large number of opportunities for earning, but unfortunately 50% of the altcoins of this exchange have a daily volume of less than $ 100Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Mycelium Wallet was created primarily for the more advanced Bitcoin users who would like to have control over their coins. The wallet is open source and therefore has a large development team. They are actively introducing new features and improving wallet performance. Android Mobile is the main platform. However, there are also prepaid cards that can be used as a cold storage wallet. You can automate the process of accepting an order from a customer and paying for it in your restaurant or bar. Mycelium Swish helps you save staff salaries and meet customer needs. The Mycelium card is a coin storage. The device has a user-friendly interface and a POS terminal: it is equipped with a display and a keyboard. The device operates on a battery for mobility, or it can be connected to a computer to charge the battery and connect to the device to view recordings. The battery lasts for hundreds of operations.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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