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For certain reasons, I decided to leave the Binance community, chose the Yobit exchange for me. I use this exchange for about a month, for all this time I have not experienced any problems, increased the bank, without taking any particular risks. I liked such functions as input/output of the Fiat, as well as the section "MARKET". For me, it is very important not only the activity on the stock exchange but also its adequate response to the movement of the rate. You will agree that on the largest exchanges, the movement of BTC strongly depends on the mood in the community, but on Yobit I got a more stable market and the opportunity for more accurate analysis, those who in the industry have spent enough time, will understand me. As a result, I can say that I like the exchange very much and I am very satisfied with it, I recommend it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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That safe and trust wallet is not that easy to create, it's not easy also to remember almost all details we put in in creating it, saving it in a hard copy will sometimes help a lot, just be sure also the place to store it in safe. For creating an account on trust wallet all u wanna do is just sign up on it either way it by an email or Facebook or Gmail or any other way of doing sign up as mentioned in the terms and conditions. Hence then u can store btc or other coins in it. Сreate wallet there but u need to be copy your phrase word it is a important part of the app if u even list your wallet or unistall app then this phrase word help to restore your wallet .Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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