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BitcoinZ is about the most undervalued coin there is, and as such has the greatest potential to explode! Most of the BTCZ community are much more altruistic than I am. I'm not afraid to admit that I am 10% into the cryptocurrency movement to learn new technologies, 5% into it in hopes of helping create worldwide, decentralized forms of payment to help reach all corners of the world, and about 85% into it for the excitement of possibly getting rich. Of the 10-15 different coins I have owned, I have ALWAYS felt afraid that someone was going to steal my money until I started following the BitcoinZ community official chat rooms. I am so at ease with BitcoinZ that I have sold off all other coins and only hodl BTCZ. There is a 5% community fund fee for each block, but that is well worth it for the peace-of-mind. BitcoinZ is a fantastic cryptocurrency project for beginners and pros alike! I consider myself a crypto noob. I started learning what cryprocurrencies were about 18 months ago and only started mining around August of 2018. With the help of the BitcoinZ community, I was able to start confidently mining pretty much overnight. I have since put together 3 pc's and have learned to mine more than 10 different tokens. The only coin I have continued to mine is BTCZ, and is one of only two I am currently mining.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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