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This is a good example of a mid sized ecommerce platform with robust functionality and flexibility. We've used eCommerce platforms before, however this one came with more than most, including integration with our accounting system and easy navigation for importing products. Reporting and analysis are also pretty straightforward when using this eCommerce platform. If you're considering a new online store or need a basic web shop that looks professional, look no further. An intuitive web application with custom user interface allowing me to enter, edit, format, delete, export, group, sort and filter reports, documents etc. This is the most professional reporting platform. You don't just create reports once and forget about them, you can create and customize new ones anytime. And, with SalesPad Enterprise Reporting Server, any changes are automatically synchronized across multiple instances of the same database running simultaneously; no need for exporting or re-entering the data. As a result, you'll save thousands of hours of labor each year without even realizing it. Salespad came out with a web app that works very fast. It allows me to pull data into a nice format within minutes. I think their reports come out nice and clean compared with others. Also, there are multiple apps built onto their platform which make it easy to customize according to our needs. One app that comes included with the package is a CRM. With it, you can create accounts, assign leads and appointments, track phone calls and emails, create task lists, set reminders, schedule meetings, upload documents, etc., and also keep customer satisfaction high via chatbot integration. Their API allows developers to integrate their apps easily into third party programs. Overall, it seems to be the most affordable, yet powerful, cloud solution available, and since it integrates seamlessly with the rest of their platform, making things easier for everyone involved. If you're looking to grow your business and automate your order fulfillment processes using a web app and SaaS technology, then look no further than the SalesPad platform. This cloud-based solution comes equipped with multiple integrations to complement your existing systems along with a host of built-in functionality that can save you valuable time & money. With SalesPad, you can easily create multiwarehouses and customer roles; track inventory levels, monitor sales orders, generate reports—plus many more benefits. Best of all? You can start utilizing SalesPad today! And when the new version launches in May, we'll also include additional enhancements to boost productivity, optimize performance, improve security, and enhance overall reliability. Our team of experts offers free training, live classes, and online tutorials so you can learn about the system right away.Siehe vollständige Bewertung Logo

I've used dealhub before but never had much success. Then my boss asked me to use for our upcoming launch event. Our marketing team came along side me and gave me tips to maximize conversions. We had a fantastic launch party. This solution allowed us to communicate with our customers and generate a large amount of interest in our products. Overall, it has improved our conversion rate by 50% and increased our lead volume by 200%. My next steps are to optimize marketing campaigns & keep track of campaign performance. That said, great solution overall and very pleased with the level of Customer Service provided. I love using dealhub to create simple deals, assign tasks and send automated emails. Plus, everyone loves seeing deals come into real estate. I used DealHub recently for some consulting work I had done. This is a very powerful tool for managing quote requests and invoicing customers. Not just invoice, but also manage quoting & estimating orders / deals. Since I'm not familiar with using quote management apps before, making the transition wasn't difficult. On top of it, their customer service support team is absolutely incredible. Highly recommended. It's rare nowadays when customer service is this good. Having used numerous quote generators over the years to build our quotation database, I'm happy to say that DealHub is hands down better than most of those I've tried, and even more important has both a top notch customer support team AND a developer community that is second to none when it comes to developing custom modules for its customers' needs. While not required as part of the platform, developers are also encouraged to develop extensions/modules for the application via Github. These are available for free download, and I've found quite a few useful ones already, including one called "Email To Quote" module that makes converting lead emails into Quotes almost effortless. As many businesses have started moving toward mobile first processes, DealHub offers a responsive design feature that works seamlessly across multiple devices. As far as pricing, while I haven't bought the paid version yet, I think it might just come out ahead in terms of overall value versus traditional platforms out there.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Corner House Collections

Corner House Collections is owned by the same company as Tommy Knocker Toys. The store has a huge range of products including Tomy, Airfix, Corgi, Dinky, Lone Star and ERTL die-cast models plus all types of collectibles - including items for Christmas. Here are some examples of what I found when I visited this shop recently. Tomica Toyota Celica GT4 in red livery (also available in light blue) Collection No: 41E (issued 2003). Scale: 1/62nd - about 9" long. Price £3.99p For those who love Corgi and Dinky Models but find them too expensive to buy these days Corner House Collections also supply many Maisto 1/18 scale models for a very attractive price. Here's an example: Collection No: 111 (issued 1997). Scale: 1/50th about 7" long. Price £11.99p Corner House Collections also have a huge range of Ertl die-cast models from every era of motoring history at good prices. In fact, if you can't find your favourite Maisto model here it might be worth checking out the website where new items are being added all the time. Another thing that made me select this company is that they have recently started to stock Tomy train sets which are getting very hard to find. Here's an example: and four-wheel coal wagon set. Scale: 1/150th about 6" long. Price £19.99p The store is located just off the main A5 at Junction 14 of the M54 so it's really easy to get there from anywhere in the West Midlands area including Wolverhampton, Dudley, Birmingham, Staffordshire and Shropshire. Model and Toy Shops in the UK - a list of other shops in and around Wolverhampton. Model and Toy Shops in the United Kingdom - a guide to buying collectible items at low prices. My Top Ten Toys/Models when I was a Child - some rare vintage items you can buy today! Corner House Collections is a store that has a wide variety of products, including die-cast models, collectibles and Tomy train sets. The store is easy to get to, and the prices are very reasonable. If you're looking for any type of model or toy, Corner House Collections is definitely worth checking out.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Fabric Fetish

What to say about Fabric Fetish, perhaps I should start with this... Who is not familiar with Fabric Fetish? This store has for years been a landmark in the subculture fabric world. Situated at the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, this store offers an incredible choice of fabrics, clothes and items that are not easily found elsewhere. The times I have visited Fabric Fetish it has always been crowded inside. With people crawling on top of each other looking for their favourite designer or just enjoying being enveloped by all these different fabrics, lining up together every style one might imagine. Such as clothing styles ranging from Punk Rock to classic vintage looks where you can find something for everyone's taste. Prices vary depending on your personal preferences but I find that they are always reasonable. What I really like about Fabric Fetish is the fact that it has a really cool and unique atmosphere, unlike any other fabric store I have been to. It is not just a place to shop for clothes but also a place where you can feel the vibe and get inspired. And of course, the people working there are always more than happy to help out and give advice. If you're looking for something special, unique and hard to find then I would definitely recommend paying Fabric Fetish a visit! You won't be disappointed. In conclusion, Fabric Fetish is a great store with an amazing selection of fabrics and clothes. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is cool and unique, and the people working there are always happy to help. If you're looking for something special, then I would definitely recommend paying Fabric Fetish a visit! You won't be disappointed. If you're interested in the subculture fabric world, then I recommend stopping by this store. The atmosphere is cool and unique, prices are reasonable, people working there are always happy to help out with advice, and they have an amazing selection of fabrics.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Same Day Music

I have visited a lot of e-commerce sites that sell musical instruments and music software. They all have one thing in common: they can be very boring to use. So, I decided to review the ones I thought were good and explain what makes them different from other competitors out there. My first post is about Same Day Music. This online retailer definitely deserves much attention because it offers a huge amount of different kinds of products for musicians - much more than any other site I know. And its catalog is still expanding! Not only it sells musical instruments and studio gear but also computer stuff like PC and Mac keyboards and digital mixers, control surfaces (I recently bought M-Audio Axiom 61) and audio interfaces for recording. The homepage looks very simple yet it has a lot of information packed in one page only. There are three buttons to go straight to the top selling items, home studio, pro gear and keyboards plus nice rotating banners with current deals that change every couple of days or so. The center is reserved for featured promotions which can be anything from sale on hardware synthesizers or free accessories with purchase of selected products all the way up to DJ bundles for beginners. If you want more information about any product you just have to click on its picture and you will see details like description, specs, size/weight, customer reviews (very helpful) etc... Once again I am amazed that this type of information can be presented so quickly and easy to find. The shopping cart is very simple and it doesn't have lots of unnecessary functions in its way. It's very user-friendly in my opinion. Once you select the products you want to buy they will be automatically added to your cart so you can check out whenever you are ready without any hassle - this is exactly what every online shopper wants! After registration it's even more convenient because now when you log in, your carts are there waiting for you so all the tedious work with adding items has already been done! Plus it keeps a record of your purchases which is great if you need to return or exchange something later on. When I was reviewing Same Day Music website I tried adding an item that wasn't available anymore but I was able to go right into my saved carts to find similar products within just a couple of clicks. The search function is also very well-organized. You can use it by typing in the name of item you are looking for or you can browse different categories which are all listed nicely on the left side of your screen - instruments, gear, computers/peripherals etc... Another cool thing about the site is that it offers media files like audio samples and video demonstrations for almost all items. This really helps in making an informed choice when deciding if this product is exactly what you need or not. I recently bought some speaker cables I saw at their site but after listening to the sound clips I realized that they weren't exactly what I needed so If you are looking for a site that offers musical instruments and music software, Same Day Music is the answer. It has more products than any other e-commerce site I have visited - from popular brands like Roland or M-Audio to less known ones such as AKAI MPK Mini MKII Drum Machine Controller which might be just what your band needs! The shopping experience is very pleasant with easy navigation, no unnecessary functions in way of the cart and simple checkout process. Not only it sells hardware but also computer peripherals so there's really something for everyone on this website.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I'm writing this review to express my disapproval about the way that Fateka is conducting its business. If you are considering shopping with them, you better read this page first. A few months ago I ordered an item from them , something which was not available in stores so I placed the order online. The only option they offered was standard delivery which would take between 3-5 days to arrive at my door . They selected DHL as their preferred courier partner so I agreed and submitted the payment for my purchase. Everything seemed great until 2 days later when they sent me an email informing me that one of the items was now on backorder with no clue about when it will be available again . This wasn't good news at all considering that the one item was out of stock so I wouldn't be getting my order any time soon. So I thought to myself, why don't they inform me about this earlier? On hindsight, I would have been able to get a refund from PayPal if they informed me sooner as per their T&Cs . Now after 3 days , they sent me another email saying that the backorder will take more than 10 days and that if I don't want it then I should cancel my order for a partial refund . A partial refund?! Why only partially? They're still holding on to a lot of my money which THEY can use for further investments in business. So because of them I won't be getting my purchase yet again within the week, I was supposed to receive it. I cancelled my order and requested a full refund but they were going to charge me ~30 Euros for cancelling after 14 days . Now that's a penalty fee if I ever saw one! Who decides this? They do. All in all, the best thing for me would be a full refund considering the inconvenience caused by THEM not ME.   I decided to drop them an email basically saying "You better sort your business up because your standards are pretty low" and to their credit they did give me a full refund without any penalties or complaints from my side. All was looking good until today when I realised that Fateka started to charge me 5 Euros every month  (total of 60 Euros). What the ****? They are basically holding my money hostage until they feel like releasing it - this is not how business works. I don't appreciate their policies at all, call me old fashioned but if you make a sale with someone then you should let them enjoy their purchase without you keeping tabs on them every month for another 5 Euros. Contacting customer service got me nowhere apart from being told that they will process my refund in 3-5 business days  (on 2 separate occasions). Seriously?! Do they think this is funny? I’m not sure what Fateka is doing, but it seems like they are having some serious customer service problems. I think their policies around refunds and purchases need to be updated because the way they handle things just doesn’t seem right. If you have had a similar experience with this company than please share your story in the comments below so that we can talk about how to avoid them or deal with them if you already made a purchase through them.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Nasco Art Education

Nasco is not only a leading company that provides art education materials; it also produces various kinds of arts, including painting, drawing , sketching, watercolor painting and graphic tools. Some artists are even using their products for commercial purpose. You can probably imagine the quality of their goods because they are being used by professionals. Nasco's warranty doesn't allow anyone to be involved in illegal copying of images or any other copyright infringement related activities. So if you want to purchase arts from them, you should know first if your country allows importing that kind of materials or if there are customs restrictions over the product . On the shipping cost section on their website, they mentioned that additional shipping fee might be charged if the packages are heavy and bulky. I bought "A Set Of 48 Professional Quality Colored Pencils" from Nasco Art Education because I wanted to know how these pencils compare with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils . Although they have similar price range, there are some differences that you probably need to know before purchasing them. The package of Nasco set is in a box that has dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches ; it weighs 0.72 pounds which is almost twice heavier than Prismacolor Premier 12 color set's weight (0.39 lbs). After opening it up, I found out why - The exterior of the box looks sturdy enough but its interior part isn't as firm as I expected it to be, there is a little space inside the box maybe because Nasco decided to make this set a lightweight product. The pencils' exterior design looks nice but there are two things that irritate me about its color combination: 1- Its main color is yellow and 2- The caps of the pencils have the same dull gold color with dull metallic writing on them. So if you put them all together in your art studio or anywhere else, it will look like something from the Dollar Store instead of a high quality professional set. My first impression for these pencils was not too bad but after using them for some time, I realized that there were other things I didn't like about them: their wood is not hard enough (it's soft) and they easily break. Also, their lead is not very black; of course it depends on how you sharpen them but the sharpening process needs to be done carefully because if you overdo it, some of the lead will fly up into your eyes which hurts like hell . An interesting fact about these pencils, they don't need to be sharpened often with a knife or sandpaper because they are colored very deeply inside so when you are using one side of its "lead", soon you have to flip it over . And when doing so, most likely some paint will fall off. If you plan on using them mostly for coloring books or any other kind works that does not require deep If you're an artist who wants to buy arts and supplies from a company that has been around for over 130 years, Nasco Art Education is the place to go. You can find everything you need on their website; but before buying anything be sure of your country's customs restrictions as well as any additional shipping fees if your package needs to ship internationally. I like how they sell high-quality art products at affordable prices (and free shipping); however, there are some drawbacks with these pencils such as being too soft or breaking easily which might not work so great for artists who use them heavily in their professional career.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Allmusicmart is a well-known and respected retailer in the field of musical instruments, professional audio equipment and recording gear. As of today there are over 10 000 products available on this web site. Allmusicmart has operated for more than 7 years now, which makes it one of the oldest music store around. Allmusicmart is located in Canada , which means that not all items that you will find here will be shipped to your country (for example, if you live outside USA you won't be able to get something from their US branch). But don't worry - most of products featured by this store are available for worldwide shipping. The only exceptions are some brand new items or some very expensive items. To make things even better, Allmusicmart offers huge discounts on some of the items they sell. For example, this month I have seen that there are discounts on Behringer products of more than 50%. And that is almost unbelievable! To conclude - Allmusicmart has great prices and very good customer support. Make sure you make use of their current coupons if you plan to buy something from them. Feel free to visit my blog where you will find more useful information about music stores . I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for new music websites with the most up-to-date information and reviews on musical instruments. That's why I was so happy to find this blog post today!  It contains a list of some great sites that offer lots of content related to guitars, bagpipes or other types of instruments.  The article also includes links with more detailed descriptions as well as links where readers can subscribe to receive updates from these blogs. If you're into learning how to play guitar or want to buy one then check out .Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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