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Cardano (ADA) currently has a total market capitalization of more than $ 14 billion, with daily transactions reaching $ 317 million. At present, ADA's total supply in circulation has reached more than 25 billion pieces of ADA. While the maximum Total Supply to be released is around 31 billion pieces of ADA. The growth of the Cardano crypto currency (ADA) should also not be underestimated, because over the past year, ADA has recorded an increase in value of about 2,086.71% or more than 20 times that. The initial price of the year is only around $ 0.02 per ADA, and currently trades at $ 0.573. The rapid growth of Cardano's value (ADA) can certainly be put to good use by investors, especially during the past 24 hours Cardano (ADA) has been able to book more than 20% of the value of growth. This growth can even compete with rivals at the top.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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