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first poloniex that I know is the exchange that has the largest trading volume and the most traders, this exchange was quite a lot of people who used it because the crypto price movements there are quite tempting, a lot of my friends who benefit there. This market has a margin trading feature that I was the best at when it appeared so that a lot of people use that feature on Poloniex. but this market began to be displaced when binance appeared and if I'm not mistaken there were bad rumors but in fact now this market has begun to be active again to promote its marketSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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bittrex was my first exchange platform when I was trading and also selling bounty coins in a forum, this exchange was very meritorious for me because it used to be easy for me to sell all my income when I became a bounty hunter in a forum. until now there are a lot of my memories in this exchange because a lot of coins I sell there and also this market is pretty good UI from time to time during this time bittrex is quite significant update so that the better the appearance of the website I think in the future bittrex should follow in the footsteps of binance quite successful at this time so many users will use this platformSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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This exchange very good for trading ui and feature trading is very good everyone can trading very simple and easy to learn in this platform, binance also have android apps to make it easy user trading on mobile. i think binance can develop even better in the future. I have been trading there for a long time so that I get a lot of profit, I am very grateful to the developer binance for making it easier for newbies like me to easily understand cryptocurrency trading so anyone who wants to trade there I highly recommend it because the exchange is very good for trading cryptoSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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