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I'm using the official 64-bit AppImage from the Jaxx website. I've tested it with the latest version of Linux Mint (19.1) and it has the same issue. Another laptop runs Jaxx a fully updated 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home. It has the same issue too. The market, portfolio, and wallet does not update in real-time, not even close to it. It often takes up to a minute or worse. And it has nothing to do with my devices or internet connection. I may as well buy a print version of market data if a digital copy isn't going to be instantaneous or at least take less than a minute let alone seconds to update. The news feature also slows down both machines, one powerful the other not so much. Clearly this slow functionality is systematic with Jaxx Liberty, although the transactions are relatively efficient. But its main purpose is not to process transactions but to store crypto, so its matching features like portfolio data should be as efficient. I haven't used ShapeShift to exchange crypto via Jaxx Liberty, so I cannot comment on that. For my purposes, I only needed it to store and send crypto to other exchanges. Those features work perfectly, though you have to be careful to use the addresses it recommends for receiving as these change everytime you receive the respective asset. But for any transaction, cash, credit/debit card, wire transfer, ecommerce payment, and so on, you should do that anyway! Overall, I don't understand why I should a software that is so slow to update useful information about my portfolio. In the same time it takes to update I could have called someone else who looks after my portfolio to give me that information. I don't have a someone else nor should I need one when I can have a software do it for me. Jaxx Liberty should be that software, but it falls very short of doing that. When there are alternative wallets to use, Jaxx Liberty is a fail for me.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Binance offers enough of everything when it comes to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. Most people do not need to go elsewhere, as it has everything you need Experienced traders may want to try somewhere, as it lacks more detailed information and analysis tools. But for most users that's exactly what they need, as they don't know how to use those anyway. The best for me about Binance is that is available for people in the majority of developing countries. Many other exchanges I've tried to sign up with do not offer services to so many countries. However, I'm rating Binance highly because of its services and reputations. Yes, it was hacked in May 2019, which is why I gave it 4 stars. But at least it offers simple security features like two-factor authentication that some other popular exchanges do not. Plus, the stolen funds were insured and promptly replaced. Binance covers my needs as an average trader. I've had relatively few issues, and none that required the assistance of their support team. That also means, I cannot, unfortunately, comment on how good their support is or not. Since offering the option to buy and withdraw FIAT (USD, GBP, EUR), Binance is the only place I trade. Just make sure you buy a tiny amount of BNB so you can power lower fees!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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