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Bittrex is one of the exchanges based in the US, the advantage of this exchange is its features that are easily accessed and understood, Bittrex also supports depositing and withdrawing lots of coins and tokens at a relatively affordable cost. Bittrex is easy to use and has a simple description so anyone can use it.Siehe vollstÀndige Bewertung

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Kucoin is one of the large exchanges that has the most softstaking features, you can store your assets safely in kucoin, just like any other large exchange exchange, kucoin also provides margin trading in addition to spot trading, besides the large number of coins / tokens that can be stacked on the kucoin also very often hold events.Siehe vollstÀndige Bewertung

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Binance is a big exchange with almost complete features, in addition to the spot trading feature, binance also provides various trading features, such as margins, futures, etc. In addition to deposits using crypto binance also supports deposits using several currencies from various countries, for more details, you can check the official website :). Because there are quite a lot of features, it will be a bit confusing for people who are just using it, but no problem, you will definitely get used.Siehe vollstÀndige Bewertung

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ï»żA very good wallet, available on Playstore and App Store The fee for sending coins / tokens is also very small, but requires a rather high Android system to be able to use them. Trust wallet also supports various features such as erc20, BEP2, TRC10 / 20 This wallet is perfect for those who want to keep their assets on a personal wall. The security system is also good, we can access our wallet with many choicesSiehe vollstĂ€ndige Bewertung



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