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Indodax (Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange) is a company that is used as the biggest place to buy and sell digital assets in Southeast Asia. Formerly the provider of digital asset turnover services is better known as Bitcoin Indonesia. But in 2018 or more precisely on the 14th of March 2018 the name Bitcoin Indonesia has changed to Indodax. The change in the name Bitcoin Indonesia to Indodax aims to emphasize if this company is the only digital asset turnover. Indodax is indeed one of the online markets for selling and buying Bitcoin in Indonesia using Rupiah. In addition, you can also exchange your Bitcoin for various other types of digital currencies, such as DASH, Litecoin, XEM, Stellar, Ripple, NXT, Ethereum, Bitshares and Dogecoin for free without the slightest deduction. Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies. Basically bitcoin trading is indeed one of the activities or activities that have high risk. This is because the price of the Bitcoin list is quite volatile, where the price can change significantly every time. For that, you must consider it first when making a decision to buy or sell this bitcoin. Even Indodax has never forced its users to buy or sell Bitcoin to look for profits or even as an investment.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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BitMax works like a universal operator of crypto exchanges with a broad clientele base that ranges from large institutions to small retail investors. The project has the experience and knowledge backing of a brilliant group of entrepreneurs with extensive Wall Street expertise. The primary objectives of BitMax are to improve the reliability and speed of making trades while also making connections between secondary and primary uses much more manageable and smoother. The founders hope that BitMax will enhance the overall liquidity levels in the blockchain market, support the equitable allocation of resources and promote crypto structural optimization. BitMax Crypto Exchange & Digital Asset Trading Platform Features High-Tech Support The tech support offered by BitMax will feature advanced technologies to attain greater reliability, scalability, security and ensure easy maintenance. It will also provide a friendly crypto trading environment complete with an initial target of processing over 200,000 transactions every second. The platform will also offer full-platform support and be available from the web browser and mobile client to apps like WeChat along with multilingual features, supporting both Chinese and English. Stability and Safety BitMax has a robust security management built into its system, including multiple firewalls to track real-time data processing and also multi-signatory requirements along with cold and how wallet solutions to improve security. The firm has also partnered with a leading security firm to review its code and the general architecture design to guarantee the utmost safety before going live. The stability will be brought by the adequate liquidity that BitMax is set to get, thus improving the trading experience for all users. Offer Support For Diverse Financial Products. At launch, BitMax will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the utility BMAX token. However, other high-liquidity tokens are going to be introduced gradually to the platform. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t support FIAT currencies like USD at the moment. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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