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Today I will tell you about the liquid crypto money exchange. First of all, this exchange is based in Japan and is sponsored and supervised by the Financial Services Agency. So with over 100 cryptocurrencies and a few big fiats, you can trust this cryptocurrency exchange. It can be used on both web and mobile devices. Its simple interface is very suitable for newcomers and those who don't want to get too tired. One of the important features of the liquid is that it has a large liquid pool. For those who want to use it on mobile devices, there is a liquid pro application that you can use on both iOS and Android. Deposits are free, but there are payment fees to deposit cash. There is a 0.10% fee for withdrawals with a minimum of $ 15. It also ensures the security of its users by using 2FA. When you have a problem, customer service returns within 2-3 hours. • Thank you for reading my comments.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Blockchain is primarily a cryptocurrency exchange wallet. It is a system developed by the world's leading banks. It can be used for both web and mobile devices. I think it is reliable because it is based in Luxembourg. One of my first cryptocurrency exchange wallets. 2-step verification process as an iOS user. It has a very simple interface but one of its shortcomings is that it supports very few cryptocurrencies. I also recommend that you do not keep too much money in your wallet. It would be better if you split it into different wallets. If you are just starting out, this wallet is great for you. It does not charge commission when sending and withdrawing money. One of the most important features for me is 0.024% commission when selling BTC and 0.014% commission when buying. Live support works very well. If you ask me, I recommend you use it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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