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Ethereum is the most popular simple blockchain I've ever known. Solutions for real-world problems such as money transfers and distributed finance have been found based on the Ethereum blockchain. With an extensive and worldwide network of developers, application development is easy even for those new to the blockchain space. If Bitcoin is digital Gold, then ETH is what additional financial products might look like in the future. Financial products are not confinement, unlike what the Bank offers today. With excellent partners, it works very well, which is a fast, cheap and reliable infrastructure tool for future products.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Trust Wallet

This wallet is user friendly, easy to use. From beginner to experienced user can use it easily. The interface of the wallet is beautiful, the functions of the wallet are very simple but contain all the necessary features of a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet has several versions suitable for all means of users. Especially the wallet has a very high security, this is an element that everyone is interested in. This is an important criterion for assessing a cryptocurrency wallet because many people recently lost their assets without choosing the appropriate wallet. On the other hand the wallet was built by a team of a major exchange in the world up to the high reliability, crowded user community. I think that in the current digital wallets, this is one of the most worthy and widely used wallets.Siehe vollständige Bewertung



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