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I'm in crypto since over three years and typically do some research groundwork before I invest into projects - so I have definitely looked at 50+ projects in more detail. When I came across Ferrum Network I was quickly intrigued by some of its groundbreaking features that basically solve some of the biggest hurdles to crypto mass adoption and started to wonder where the catch is. I have spend the last weeks to REALLY dig deep and must admit I have never been more impressed by a project (the only project I am equally convinced of is DuckDAO with its DDIM token). From what I can see the only reason why Ferrum is not yet among the top 50 projects in CMC is that the team has been in stealth mode since kicking off in full 2018 bear market and many people are just not yet aware of this groundbreaking DeFi ecosystem. However, I am convinced this will change rather sooner than later and Ferrum Network has a VERY bright future ahead. Here are the TOP 10 reasons why I am extremely bullish on Ferrum: TECHNOLOGY: The team of Ferrum has spent the last 1,5 years to develop a DeFi ecosystem with groundbreaking technology that interconnects nearly all blockchains and will soon enable instant peer-to-peer transactions of any digital asset - in milliseconds, risk free and at almost no cost. On top of that there is also a direct fiat gateway so that people no longer need to go trough centralized exchanges. REAL DEMAND: Super convenient features that solve REAL problems preventing crypto mass-adoption - e.g. "Link Drop" that enables sending crypto via any social media with just a link and functionality that completely eliminates the risk to send crypto to a wrong address! Also with crazy ETH gas prices there is massive need for Ferrum's mainnet that will bring down cost of transactions to ca. 1 cent! BUSINESS SUCCESS: Ferrum's staking-as-a-service offering is EXTREMELY successful - just in the last month ca. 20 projects have signed up as PAYING customers to use Ferrum's top-notch staking technology. Unless most crypto projects Ferrum already generates significant revenue (the staking clients pay around $50k per month currently and basically daily new staking projects are announced...) - part of the profit is used to buy back FRM from the free market. ADOPTION: Few months after Ferrum has launched its super innovative UniFyre Wallet, it has already more than 5,000 users. Since staking on the UniFyre Wallet has just been launched and every week a number of projects start their staking within the UniFyre Wallet, a huge number of new users will arrive and get to know Ferrum's groundbreaking features. BIG NEWS AHEAD: Very soon Ferrum will announce a new innovative staking model that will also allow to stake FRM, thus decreasing circulating supply. In Q1 2021 Ferrum's mainnet will go live - then enabling transactions of any digital assess between almost any blockchain in milliseconds and at cost of ca. 1 cent. For each transaction a small amount of FRM will be burnt - the whole system is DEFLATIONARY and thus will foster an increase of the token price. MARKETING PUSH IN PREPARATION: So far Ferrum's focus was to develop it's groundbreaking technology. Now will be the time to let the world know about many revolutionary features and put FRM into the spotlight. Therefore Ferrum just announced that marketing expenditures will be significantly increased. A big advantage will be Ferrum's involvement in the really revolutionary crypto incubator "The Foundry" that has gathered more than 20 prominent social media influencers with over 1 million followers. I expect this will massively boost the demand for FRM. NEW EXCHANGE LISTINGS: Ferrum recently confirmed to have outgrown the current exchanges (among them BitMax and Binance Dex) - therefore the team is now actively working on being listed on a BIG exchange and has planned the budget accordingly. I think that a Binance listing is a REAL possibility. Ferrum has been chosen as cross chain liquidity provider of the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet (all other chosen liquidity providers are already listed on Binance) and is already listed on Binance Dex. TOKEN HOLDER BENEFITS: Ferrum holders with 100k+ FRM receive monthly FRM-drops and are eligible to take part in private sales of super promising early-stage projects incubated by The Foundry together with DuckDAO. As soon as the first incubator project Bondly rockets upward (and it will!), many people will want to accumulate FRM for access to future incubator sales. OUTSTANDING TEAM: Ferrum has a highly skilled team with great mix of skills & experience. All core team members are on board since 2018 and have academic backgrounds in e.g. computer science, quantitative analysis, financial strategy, distributed systems or law from prestigious universities such as Stanford. Team members previously worked e.g. at Microsoft, Amazon, Wall Street or Bloomberg. Also team is super motivated and unless most crypto projects launched during 2018 bear market did stand the test of time. On top of that Ferrum's COO Ian Friend is extremely well connected in the crypto scene and always in touch with Ferrum's strong community MASSIVELY UNDERVALUED: Since the Ferrum team has focused on product development instead of marketing so far, current marketcap of approximately $6 million is SUPER LOW compared to what Ferrum's DeFi Ecosystem has to offer. With go-live of mainnet and marketing push a TOP 50 CMC rank is definitely possible, which in terms of marketcap would mean x50. Current FRM price is more the 50% below ATH from a few weeks ago, so this is really a very attractive entry point and I am convinced that price is about to skyrocket Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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