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Yobit is one of the most important and used exchanges in the world, it offers the best of its customers and one of the outstanding features is that it operates over 1400 cryptocurrencies and supports over 6000 trading pairs. This exchange is not organized, which means that the transactions made are completely anonymous because Ubat's KUC or The interest rate for operations with Ubunt depends on the payment method, but generally it can be done by 0.2% of the transaction. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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This wallet contains the basic functions required to manage your Kimera assets: Wallet creation: Create new wallet. Import/recover from private keys OR mnemonic seed. Basic wallet operation/transactions: Open an existing wallet Display wallet address & balance Display & Backup private keys/seed Sending/transferring. Integrated Address or Payment ID are supported. Also provides address lookup from your addressbook. Transactions history listing/sorting/searching/detail. Incoming transaction notification. Export incoming, outgoing, or all transactions to csv file. Rescan wallet from specific block height. Perform wallet optimization. Utilities: generate payment id and integrated address. Address book: Add/Edit/Delete address entry. Listing/sorting/searching existing entries. Allow to store same wallet address with different payment id. Autosave address after sending to new/unknown recipient Allow to optionally create password protected address book. Misc: Option to use system tray (on closing/minimizing wallet) Allow to add custom node address. Theme: Dark & Light Mode Keyboard shortcutsSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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