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Deeponion is sleeping giant, why? This project didn't have ico, crowdfunding etc. It's been premined in the first block with 18million onions, and it's been publicly airdroped for 40+weeks, deeponion project It's 3 years old, it's just enough visit DO github and see the development. Everyone can see constant development, which scam project invest so much in development? ONION's deepsend is radical and revolution method of anonymouse transaction's, newer used b4 in any cryptocurrency, In Yanuar 2021 DO will activate segwit, prior that whole codebase was modernized, look facts not rumors,despite being delisted from kucoin (due low trading volume)which been ONION biggest exchange,no one from their team give up project still continue and dosn't have intention to stop ,like i said it's enough too see their github from 2017 till now to see amount of work They do , all scam project born in 2017 are already dead. Don't believe reviews, just check thing's for yourself.... don't trust verify :)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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