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I don’t remember exactly when I started trading only on yobit, but for a year I have been using this exchange only. There are several reasons for this: you can top up in rubles, there is a Russian translation of the exchange, there is a Russian-language telegram chat, there are topics such as ieo and ponies. In general, the exchange is not bad, but there are still enough minuses on it. The most serious disadvantage on this exchange is dice (a casino game for guessing more / less), plus minor inconveniences like the lack of a mobile application or stop losses. I would also like to tell you about the chat in the telegram. This is a very important point. At the moment there are 56k people, chatting actively and helping each other. This is a very, very valuable resource, you can learn a lot of useful information from there. In addition, if you do not trust the exchange, then ask directly if there are any problems with it. There are no bots there, moderation to such questions is loyal, and if they write about a problem there, then it tries to solve it fasterSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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