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In my opinion, it's the best wallet ever for btc users/holders. I have been using it since more than two years and i can guarante that it's one of the greatest btc client for both newbies and experienced. Either in desktop or mobile, you don't have to download the full blockchain in order to synchronise. All what you need is to connect with electrum nodes available worldwide. You can even setup your own node and interact directly with the bitcoin network.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The team behind Yobit exchange doesn't look to take so much care in building a good reputation , anybody can check reviews about their communication channels in different forums, while just focusing in get more traffic and promote for unknown projects held by their investbox or IEO. It is mandatory not to use this exchange with big amounts which you can't afford to loose. The Yobit exchange recently launch its own forum called Cryptotalk and actually using it to promote some new altcoins from their investbox promising users a high daily earn. I don't recommend anybody to follow its offers and look for good opportunities outside of it; try to use it just for small trades. Yobit is an exchange and not an invest platform. As a regular user, despite i didn't face any issue with Yobit, i read a lot of claims against it and see a lot of rising flags that warns me not to fully trust Yobit.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Most of us started his crypto carreer with a blockchain wallet, and even it has been there since long time running without problems, it was always recommended to not trust web-wallets (in general) as it can be hacked or phished at any time. I didn't have any problem while using this wallet but i want to focus on the detail that my private data (email+password+id) is stored somewhere in their servers and there is no single garantee that nobody has access to it ; it's inaccurate , imo , for anybody to get a crypto wallet using his email, as the wallet can be generated without the need of those information. We should not trust blockchain wallet or any web wallet to store big amounts. However, it's recommended to use the mobile version of blockchain wallet for daily use and micro paiements, as it doesn't recommended to create an account using personal information.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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