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IDEX a leading DEX

Idex is one of the greatest decentralized exchanges out there. Idex has a well designed interface where you can switch between hundreds of pairs, add/fill orders, read charts and even read their latest news on one page. You can log in using your private key, metamask or your Ledger hardware wallet. Trades are made off chain allowing real time transactions. Trading volume is higher than other DEXs I know about. They have a very active and friendly support team. However, the minimum amount to place or fill an order is a little bit too high. Also they charge his gas fees for withdrawals. Overall it's one of the best DEXs. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Electrum Wallet

I have been using Electrum for more than two years and never faced any problem. Its user friendly UI makes it suitable even for those who never used a non-custodial wallet before. It allows you to be in full control over your funds. You can set fees manually or let it choose the appropriate fee for you. You can create a 2fa wallet. It has coin control feature which allows you to decide which UTXO to use. It supports SegWit and you can even create a multi-sig wallet. Note: make sure to download it from the official website and verify the signature. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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