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I like that the platform is easy to use. The ability to create an account to track users and their interaction with your storefront in real-time! This allows us to make adjustments at the store level quickly and easily while we are still out in the field. Sometimes it can be hard to get answers from support when you need them most. That said, our team has been able to work out any issues so far as they come up. If you are looking for a simple tool that will help you understand what is going on within your storefront, this is the solution. We're solving the problem of understanding what's happening within the front end of our stores and adjusting accordingly through our A/B testing capabilities.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Their support team is fantastic! I have had several questions answered quickly over email or in chat during business hours which was great as we were working late at night before going into work when this occurred (which happens often). That said however it would be nice if there could also sometimes get their answers via social networking so that they do not need our personal emails after office closes for us all around Europe - but maybe thats just my preference? The pricing structure can become complex fairly quick since you are charged per number of contacts/emails written about your brand by reporters from multiple sources across various industries including traditional news outlets like local TV stations etc., plus web content portals such as Facebook / Twitter posts too where each post will count towards one account being billed against an individual's monthly subscription amount; hence its important to understand what accounts fall within different billing tiers early-on otherwise mistakes may.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I like how it allows me access at any time from anywhere in order for my team members be able see what competitors are saying or doing regarding our product/service area we provide them with services through their platform which makes us more visible than ever before! There isn't anything i dislike when using this app so far but there should definitely have better notifications if you're not available right away because sometimes your phone can get lost somewhere along those lines; however nothing major just minor inconveniences here & then maybe some features could've been added sooner rather waiting 2 years later? Great tool overall!! Definitely worth trying out especially since all companies want visibility these days by showing up higher within SERP's (search engine results pages) hence why brands need something similar too help boost sales while also being seen throughout social media sites etc.. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I like that it integrates with so many applications, allowing us to make changes in one place across all our systems instead of having multiple places where we have different updates or patches made by vendors/third parties. It is definitely not easy-to-use at first but once you get used to how things work then its pretty great! We are able to keep track of everything from an ERP perspective while also being easily accessible through other third party programs such as Salesforce etc., which allows me to be more efficient when working within those software tools without needing help via emailing [email protected]Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The best thing about this software was that it enabled me to post contents at my own time without wasting any of our precious resources like internet or mobile data, as well I can use all features available with other social media platforms such us Facebook etc., which are not accessible through one platform only so we had no choice but using more than 1 service provider hence wastage became higher compared from when i used just once beforeContentTeLLer helped alot by reducing cost while increasing productivity. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Better Bounces

The team at BB is always working to make sure that our bounces are well looked after but have never said no when it comes to doing so! I've been using the service for over three years now as an admin of one of their clients and they're great - very quick with responses and fixes most issues quickly (at least quicker than some other providers). My only gripes would be with regards to certain campaigns where there could sometimes seem to be confusion in terms of what was causing the bounce. But this has all probably improved since my initial experience anyway as we have a new MD now who's taking charge. Great support. We do not receive any complaints from customers about bouncing emails or sending out spammy stuff etc. It just doesn't happen which really helps us deliver mail without issue. I love that Bounce Insight lets me see what is causing my bounces so I can make changes to improve deliverability. It's also easy for others in our organization who may not be familiar with tools like this to use as well! There are some things that we would prefer if they were more customizable but otherwise it works great! We have seen a decrease of about 20% in the number of emails being marked as spam or having too many bounces. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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