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You must run the daemon first, before starting the wallet. Run masarid. exe and let it sync up, it will notify when it's ready and you can open the wallet. Masari is a cryptocurrency that gives you 100% privacy, it is a clone of Monero. With masari you get to enjoy a fast, transparent and efficient transaction. Unlike the current banking model which makes transfer of money very difficult, and worst if you are transferring outside the country. With the help of Blockchain technology Masari will make things more easier, once you make used of the Masari platform. It has it's own token MSR which could easily be converted to fiatMasari and Monero share lots of similarities, they are not into rivalry, rather Masari considers Monero as its foundation which it would build from. With the Launch of EON Protocol, you can now have access to a network of games to your list of crazy coins and project to hold.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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