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Security: Ensuring security for transactions is one of this exchange main priorities. With a staff of experienced in the field of security built for floor a very good security system. Some technologies are used such as SSL encryption system, 2-step 2FA verification About transaction fees: ABCC trading floor charges are very competitive compared to other exchanges, with a common transaction fee of 0.1% for all transactions. For members who meet some additional requirements of KYC floor, there will be a better fee of 0.075% and 0.05%. About the cost of deposits: ABCC floor charges when users deposit money depending on the coin loaded. Supported coin coins: ABCC Deck supports many different coin types including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and some other coins. Trading platform: ABCC's trading platform is rated as beautiful and professional, suitable for newcomers and long-time virtual money investors. ABCC floor has its own mobile version for the floor. About languages: ABCC floor currently only supports Englist language Commission policy: ABCC floor currently has no commission policy for referrals About margin trading: Currently, ABCC floor does not support margin trading Regarding legal proceedings: Currently, ABCC floor does not support legal fees About customer support: ABCC floor supports customers 24/7 through various channels to send live chat on web, email, ticket or via social networks like Twitter, Telegram Above is the article about "What is ABCC? Knowledge to know about ABCC electronic money trading floor "hope through writing, you have more useful information about this ABCC floor. Advantages of ABCC floor are good security, competitive transaction fee, support many types of coins, professional trading platform. The downside of the floor is that it does not support legal fees and does not support margin trading, the withdrawal fee is quite high.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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