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Indodax, the largest exchange in Indonesia, with ceo Oscar Darmawan, yes I know that person, one of the exchanges that I often use, because I have a IDR pair, yes because I am Indonesian so I often use exchanges, over the past few years Indodax has changed for the better , with UI / UX that is beautiful to the eye, and the most like of this exchange is the rupiah voucher feature, which facilitates transactions in the form of rupiah, fellow indodax users of course, accompanied by kyc make this exchange more secure, for Indonesians this is good but for non-Indonesian people, in my opinion is not suitable, because most of the pair of tokens / coins are in IDR (Rupiah) form and maybe some features are not used if those who use this exchange are non-Indonesian.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Huobi Global, the exchange from China has become an exchange that should be calculated to be the biggest exchange in the world, the number of trading pairs is a plus point for this exchange, I have used this exchange several times and as long as I use this exchange, there has never been a problem, everything went smoothly, I like the UI / UX exchange both on the web and mobile, I think Huobi Global will be a serious contender against Bittrex, Binance in the next few years.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Binance, since its establishment in 2017 this exchange comes with a variety of interesting events, yes I remember that, but I will not discuss this review, I have used binance several times and in my opinion this is the best exchange, not all coins / tokens can be listed on binance indicates that binacy does not choose any coins / tokens for listing on the exchange, with a responsive website and an iconic user interface it is difficult to forget binance. but in the mobile app the binance is less responsive than the website hopefully in the future binance will be even betterSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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