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Today, bitcoin is more of a business than a cryptocurrency. People earn both on trading and on the popularity of coins - conduct seminars, produce, create exchanges and exchangers, analytical services, attract money from banks and hedge funds. And, despite the popularity, the market itself is not yet sufficiently studied – attempts to pass on his model of the stock exchanges or Forex, of course, unfounded, but widespread availability of coins for trade users around the world, many points of sale, the lack of regulation, the possibility to issue anonymous participants of the market, theft of bitcoins from exchanges, the withdrawal of the coins by the authorities in the closure of sites on the darknet, the anonymous exchange, prohibit / permit trading in different countries, raising money through the ICO (including fraud), manipulation of exchange rate through blogs, Youtube and the media, the endless forks, other coins, tokens and much, much more make predictions, let's say, difficult. Rather, the whole world is trying to figure out how to live with these coins now, and whether it's worth it now to enter the game or wait for some stabilization. I wish you to make your own choices, and I invite to discussion in comments) Thank you for your attention!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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