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Salt is a great lending platform on the blockchain. It helps users put their crypto assets as collateral rather than put their physical assets. Salt does not require credit checks to give loans to users as users require crypto assets to request for loans.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Steem is a great place to visit, the steem token has not been able to maintain a particular amount for a long term since 2016. The platform pays in both SBD, STEEM and Steem Power. The Steempower is what determines the amount of reward a user can give, the STEEM is the liquid Steempower, while SBD is the token Backed with steem. Steemit native currency Steem can be mined as the blockchain is arranged in a block form of 21 blocks. The blocks are mined by miners known as witnesses. The first twenty blocks are mined by the first 20 Witness. the last block is shared amongs the other witneses depending their number in witness rank and computing power.This also applies to Steem dollar (SBD), unlike USDT that is pegged to the USD, SBD has not been pegged successful. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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