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There are still a number of people running older wallets. You must all be running the latest wallet to ensure stability of the network This is a list pulled from the block explorer, of nodes that are not updated148. 80012rubies:1. Germany5. 81204rubies:1. Germany202. 80012rubies:1. Australia188. 80012rubies:1. Ukraine81. 80012rubies:1. Netherlands185. 80012rubies:1. Turkey83. 80012rubies:1. Spain185. 80012rubies:1. Turkey195. 80012rubies:1. Turkey104. 80012rubies:1. United States71. 80012rubies:1. United States158. 80012rubies:1. Norway84. 80012rubies:1. Norway109. 80012rubies:1. Denmark Rubies is in many ways a great success, however, the stigma of it being a "gambling coin" only hindered it's initial growth. Although it was not intended for this use only, I'm changing the thread title to embrace the niche Rubies has been categorized publicly into. There is no reason to fight public perception after so long, and as such it will be labeled as perceived. Good fortune everyone.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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