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ethereum, neither close nor far from me. near. because I tried so hard to gain ethereum. but I was not successful. That's why my desire has waned. and it got so far away from me that it couldn't get me out. I think it is the same for other users. this cryptocurrency needs to work harder. maybe there are things I missed. my psychological state at that time may have triggered this. My friends' thoughts were also in this direction. but there is a solid team in ethereum. can overcome this problem. i believe ethereum will handle this. better projects, better adsSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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my bitcoin experience

bitcoin entered my life 6 months ago. When I first met, it didn't have much value. but now it has improved so much. and turned into a crypto that everyone has invested in. but there are great risks with every growth. It faces the possibility of falling any moment. but I believe it will grow even more if it protects its existing investors and attracts more attention. Of course, there are many ways to earn bitcoins. Some of these are bitcoin mining, free sites, trading. In my opinion, the fastest way to win is to buy at a low price. to hide and sell when riseSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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özel bir okulda eğitimciyim. kripto paraları yaklaşık olarak 6 aydır takip ediyorum. bazılarıyla etkileşime geçtim. bu konuda çok iyi olduğumu da söyleyebilirim

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