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This is one of the few exchanges that have maintained the principle of anonymity. There is no KYC, you can trade in any volumes. Of course, anonymity is not 100% since the exchange is not decentralized, but nevertheless it is better than many. At least quite anonymous and has not bad trading volumes. Plus, for 6 years, no one was able to crack, which adds one more advantage. I can’t help but talk about such a minus as the game dice. This is a casino-looking game with a bet on more / less. It's not so bad that it is there, but the exchange makes the game a dice a prerequisite when participating in IEO, which somewhat spoils the impression. But overall, the exchange is excellent, so in spite of the dice I’ll give a good ratingSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Already several successful exchanges. I had some misunderstandings with one of the exchangers, but everything was decided. In general, everything is fine. A good service for finding cryptocurrency exchanges, a lot of exchangers with different rates and ratings have been collected! I make exchanges for three months there were no problems! So I advise you to use it! Steep monitoring of exchangers with which I have been familiar for a long time, there were no problems with exchangers so the kurof is reliable. Where it is better to look for exchangers through it than to make an exchange, it is not clear where, of course, everyone’s business, but personally I trust.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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