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im happy with the price right now, im catching stupid dumpersat a very low price. its yummy. lol and last time I did it (more than a week ago) it finally worked out correctly: now am synching staking and get an average of 10-12 connections to rubies network without the need to add nodes. All I can say is try again that way. Ahhh, I knew how it worked, just wasn't worded well enough, :p. So a 100sat win would bring an extra 0. BTC in RBIES. Nice promo, JPR! I wouldn't worry about price much right now on any altcoin. BTC is starting to get some FOMO effect going on. It's very likely to pump quite a bit leading up to the halving, and that means money leaving alts while it does. It will be back after the halving, no worries. Take the opportunity to double up your holdings.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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