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Bittrex is an American cryptocurrency exchange. with high volume and lots of pairs for tokens and coins. Bittrex security is one of the best, to do your trade it is mandatory to complete Kyc first, this allows Bittrex to maintain security from malicious attacks using anonymous accounts. Buttrex uses a cold wallet that is very unlikely to be attacked by malicious activity if it is combined with the obligation to do kyc to trade. no delay in deposits or withdrawals, all works well. the only drawback is that the android app lacks a lot of fitue, it's like a very simple application, hopefully in the future it will be updated periodically.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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binance is the best exchange in the world, all coins listed there are coins with good projects. I really like trading on binance, it's easier to use even with an Android phone. many local currencies already support deposit and withdrawal, their security is very good, with the SAFU feature makes users more calm to deposit any money to binance because they know their money is safe guaranteed by SAFU. some other interesting features, namely futures and option trades. binance future allows us to get instant profits by trading in 2 directions, with leverage up to 125x making danger and profit equally attractive, staying cautious when making orders.   the latest is the binance option, with trading 10 minutes to 1 hour the user can guess where the next price will go with a lot of profit. all features are in binance, it's amazing we just need to learn to trade well and use them. greetings profit.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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