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I've been watching this project for more than a year and I'm really impressed with it not only surviving through last bear market but making progress. They already had a working VPN app for pc a year ago when I signed up for testing it and now they've got mobile apps, tendermint testnet and migration plans, socks5 proxies, mixing service and you can even buy tokens straight from their smart contract using ETH or BNB. And that's a lot considering that many crypto projects only have whitepapers or MVP. It's also completely free for the testnet phase! I've seen a lot of projects fail through that year being abandoned, running out of funds or turning out to be scams, but seems like these guys don't care about the market like true cypherpunks and they're just doing what they believe in. They are really responsive in the telegram chats, both for node owners and users, their apps are easy to use and set up and mostly they work like a charm. It really boggles me that this has so little popularity being that awesome, it's a true "hidden gem".Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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