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Also, the yobit has a lot of altcoins (1200+), but this is a minus, since the exchange is not able to maintain stable operation for all coins and often wallets hang for several months for maintenance Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Good day. I have registered in this wallet relatively recently. Immediately I ran into small difficulties, namely, during the registration itself. Now I will explain everything in detail. When I started registering, I was asked to come up with a nine-digit password with numbers and letters of different register, well, ok I thought, in principle, as elsewhere, what can be difficult here? The password must be saved, since without it, the account cannot be restored at all, neither through mail, nor through anything. And then I thought, what kind of new protection system? But this was only the first stage of registration. Next, click create a wallet and get into another section. There we are offered to download a special key file. (it will also be needed at the entrance, it is better to save it in any folder). To enter the wallet, several options are offered, the main ones are the entrance through a personal file (which we have already downloaded) and a private key. Personally, I go through the downloaded file, upload it from my computer and enter the password that I came up with during registration, it's more convenient for me. And so, there are many options, choose the one that you like. To be honest, this is the first time I've come across such a powerful, multi-level security system for a cryptocurrency wallet. After all, this is not an online storage, access can be obtained using a browser, but the coins themselves are stored on the computer in a special file. Well, what about the wallet itself? Withdrawal of funds occurs quite quickly, within a few minutes. This wallet is made for storing ethers, so that you understand this is the second most expensive currency after bitcoin, so it's no wonder that the developers have made such a powerful protection.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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