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What is MesChain? Developing software information systems that provide the follow-up of the production site called Production Execution Systems, aim to increase the quality and efficiency in the factories, manage all the resources of the enterprise, control the production site online and intervene instantly and determine whether the production is successful or not at the targeted level. It is a blockchain project that aims to create and present new ideas by integrating blockchain solutions. What is the scope of the Meschain service? Meschain, Production tracking systems will primarily provide services for the textile sector In the process, integrating information collection service from environmental products into its platform aims to ensure that thousands of factories can be easily monitored and intervened in production instantly. Meschain Platform aims to become the leading software and hardware manufacturer in the international market by adding traceability of production machines to its services and market area in the following processes.   Why do factories need our products? Ğu Difficulty in innovating to meet market demands Ğu Obligation to keep up with the innovations required by change Lığı Existence of problems with material traceability Karşılamak To meet production schedules or reach production volume  Too many risks and too many errors due to paper-based or manual processes Ihtiyacı Lower labor costs and the need for efficient staff  Most importantly, the need to provide production in a fast, quality and economical way   What is the relationship between Blockchain and Mes? In line with the company's internacional objectives, the Company has achieved much more connections in the market and has reached agreements with both global crypto companies and foreign investment funds, aiming for the growth of Meschain and the global development of the real foot of the company. A certain portion of all revenue generated from the agreements is channeled to Meschain, the company's crypto pillar, in order to achieve continuous cyclical growth. In this way, a portion of the income indirectly with the planned extent of buyback (buyback) will be provided by the strong steps of a strong formation will be taken. What will the function of the MES token be? MES will be an alternative payment tool for the use of MES token products in the factories where we provide MES services. What makes Meschain powerful? -Reel has a real product that appeals to the sector. - MES team has a team that has cooperated with many companies with wide production experience. - Capable of producing solutions in light, medium and heavy industry sector. - Providing payment solutions with MES token besides MES products - Having a real product that appeals to the real sector - Many factors such as the fact that it has an attractive confidence in the real sector and the financial world that are standing at distance from crypto currencies and blockchaine make MesChain strong. What kind of work did Meschain do after ICO? -ICO listed Cointiger, a strong stock market after the sale. -Mofassir Hossain, consultant who has a gloabal influence on his team -Perhalic Akademy group established a partnership - We participated as a sponsor to Istanbul Eurasia Blockchain Summit -Koreli partnered with Seedvc Vendor Capital - We have partnered with Korean bitrolangue again - MES system application was developed. Soon to be implemented in our investor groups What will Meschain work next? First of all, after the meetings with entrepreneurs, MES systems will be installed in some textile factories. Telephom applications will be activated and crypto investors will be able to generate income. Negotiations with important stock exchanges will gain clarity. The software of the steps we have done for Mainnet will be realized and a solid project will be put forward. Why should we buy MES token? - Active use of MES services in the market - Support for MES revenues and price basis, (buyback) - Investment potential outside the crypto market - Real sector to create a potential power with the project with the door to the crypto In which stock exchange is MES token listed? MES token is listed on the Chinese-based Cointiger and Vindax exchanges, which have a large community and real volume, and are of interest to Turkish investors.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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