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one of the best hardware wallet on this planet. I use it and it's very simple to settings and use it. you must to write your backup frase on a doc file or you can write on a sheet. take attencion because if you don't have your backup you can't have access if you lost your password. I think there is no limit for holding your coins, but i haven't so much so i can't tell for sure :) anyway, if you want a secure wallet i propose to use this one because it's one of the best on the markets. the cost it's about 70 dollar and you can buy also on amazon but in my advice it's betetr to buy it on the original site!!!Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Binance it's a great solution for the people that would start to trading with cryptocurrencies. i use it for trade my BTC and send to my wallet it's very simple to use and you can earn a good money you can also set stop loss and take profit you can have a multiple way to invest your money on different project. they have a dozens of crypto so you can study the project and buy crypto. really good Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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The Revain is an interesting project. Revain is a platform where you can leave a comment or feedback, When you wrote a feedback the blockchain technology doesn’t allow to change or delete the reviews. The authors get a reward for creating it. The idea of objective and honest feedback is really needed. I use the crypto card that is essentially a debit or credit card that allows users to pay for transactions with cryptocurrency . It's simple to have, and you can use your crypto everywhere. The future of the project depends on the development team and faith of the investors. The coin has a good chance to grow in value.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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