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You are listening to people, what a good team, communicate with investors are extremely important, you know. Increase on bounty can attract more bounty hunters, and they will give your more traffic and invest more fund. Win-win situation. No serious problems. nbsp; Either he is just fudding around, or he sold his AE too early just to see it climbing up as we close in on the mainnet. nbsp; Hi Vlad,Sounds intelligent to think about it. Advantage of waiting till ETH is back over USD 300 means a nice starting price, on the other hand, a low starting price gives an opportunity to buy cheap more AE from the ones who rapidly want to make a profit of their ICO investments. I am an early investor of the first hours of phase 1 (Thanks for the Ledger ) and I can hardly wait to see Aeternity project reaches the stars, so I will try to get more part of it whenever I can. As a result, Vlad, no matter how you decide, I am sure it will be the best balance for Aeternity AND the Investors. To everyone: Keep calm and think big!Best regards"Earl of AE Ledger"Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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