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I have used the Kucoin in 2018 for buying the cheap price altcoins and I am satisfied with the service of Kucoin. Some modifications can be made for increasing the smoothness of site and the old fashion model of the trading desk. The Kucoin shares token of the Kucoin exchange also represents the recent value of this exchange. They should allocate fewer tokens for the team, centralized exchanges should think about moving to decentralizationSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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For a new crypto person, it is very easy to use the Blockchain wallet but for advanced level users, this wallet is not as secure as it advertised on social media. The 2FA adds more secure account access but bypassing the 2FA sending email and applying the received instructions from the support team will be enough. As mentioned before, the simple mechanism is good for new traders and I have used this wallet for a long time. There is no choice to extract the private keys from a wallet and you should take the seed for finding the private keys of your personal BTC address.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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