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Binance is hands-down the most trusted and most used crypto exchange at present. Most of the exchanges are filled with bot-created orders creating fake volumes but Binance has adequate security against fake orders hence volume reported is mostly the accurate volume. Non-KYC accounts can withdraw upto 1 BTC daily which is good limit for small traders. KYC process is also smooth and it only took few minutes for AI to evaluate your documents and approve/reject the application. Multiple trading options like spot trading, futures, margin trading are present. Users can even stake their funds and receive return in platform-backed cryptocurrency (BNB) which is one of the strongest Exchange-based cryptocurrency. Zero deposit fees on all cryptocurrencies. Moderate withdrawal fees for most of the coins. Multiple security options - SMS, Google Authenticator, Email confirmation making platform reasonably trusted.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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After various hacking/phishing attempts on MyEtherWallet, it became standard to not use private keys on MEW or double-check URL before accessing account. Many people already lost faith in MEW and it really became difficult to access Ethereum address. Then came MetaMask and solved whole problem. It works as browser-extension thus solved the problem of phishing attack all together. Secondly, seed-generation and input take place at client-side (not server-side). Thus user's seed is not saved anywhere except user's own browser. Using MetaMask is simple as 1-2-3. User first have to generate seed which he can write and save somewhere safe. Next he has to choose password for the account and that's it. With seed, user can access his wallet on any device. Metamask is one-stop portal to all Ethereum networks. Deploying Smart Contracts made easy with MetaMask. MetaMask payment window automatically pops-up when paying for deploying smart contract on tools like Remix. In short, MetaMask is best wallet-provider to access Ethereum addresses.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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