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For me personally, the advantages of LITECOIN over Bitcoin are obvious. First, there is not such a frantic growth of the rate, which can not but please sellers who want to use this currency. Secondly, transactions are much faster, and thirdly, the commission is often lower. Moreover, LITECOIN can be used as an intermediate currency. For example, there is not always an opportunity to benefit from buying Bitcoin, because the exchangers make a large extra charge, and on the stock exchanges it is necessary to go through a complicated procedure of varication to make it possible to replenish the purse from the card. But having bought LITECOIN in the exchanger at an adequate price (sometimes even lower than the rate), you can easily throw it into the purse on the stock exchange and transfer it to Bitcoin (it turns out more profitable). LITECOIN also has a leader who is personally interested in the development of his coin and how it seems to me that he is doing very well in recent times.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Monero is not quite easy in terms of mining, you need a lot of memory, so mining on video cards is inefficient. It is necessary either to use cloud mining, or to mine through services on your PC or laptop I use the memory of participants of the whole system. The extracted hashes are converted to another currency, but payments are minimal. Monero has an endless emission due to the production of new blocks by miners. Therefore, the exchange rate goes without sudden fluctuations. Monero attracts its system of anonymity. More precisely as this anonymity is arranged. There is no encryption like Bitcoin. It denies the very fact of encryption, and if any data is amenable to wide accessibility, then they are certainly false. That's the principle of anonymity XMR. My personal experience with Monero lies in a banal purchase and sale. The currency is not used for transactions on many Internet resources. As an investment tool - I think Monero is reliable and promising, and, again, if you want to earn Monero - it's only cloud mining.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Tether's currency was introduced in order to bind it to the payment unit. I will not write much about the technical side, because they block reviews like this, referring to the fact that there is a lot of terminology, although how to explain to people that this is really, in fact. Still, I'll try. Since the market of crypto currency is not regulated yet, and it is necessary to pay off, they decided to create an equivalent to the dollar. That is, one tether is equal to one bucks. It seems that this corridor has been preserved for some time, but now, together with the fall of almost all the violas, tether has fallen and all have crept into the question, but does it have a physical reinforcement of the dollar? In fact, no one knows. I personally do not trust this coin. As for me, it will collapse at one time along with all the violas.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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