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Dragonex is a large market with a very high volume that is not far behind the binance. Other people don't own this market either, because they succeed in the top 10 exchanges at Coinmarketcap or cmc. This market has low trading costs and it gives traders the opportunity to get more profit. for security issues, dragonex is very secure, they have more security to make the account avoid the desired thing agreed to verify kyc. it's great for creating a secure account and for deposits and withdrawals. dragonex the design look looks simple, but so far it's good trading is also very easy. Deposit and withdrawal very fast, have a good reputation. Best exchangeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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imToken Wallet

Good wallet imToken

imToken is good wallet, very easy to use and has a classic look that is very nice to look at, imToken has a variety of ways to back up like a private key or Mnemonic that allows us to import our wallet anywhere. To store imToken erc20 tokens is a good wallet, we can create multiple wallets in one application and easily switch to another wallet. To send tokens is also very easy, we can use the automatic or manual gass / gwei settings. I have been using imToken for over 2 years and I still use it today because it is very easy and simple. If you Airdroper or bounty hunter, Imtoken is the right choice.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Bittrex safe exchange

Bittrex is a exchange have a very good level of security, it will make you safe trading on this market, the step when registering was very extraordinary and required to complete KYC and install other like Google authentication. If you making a withdrawal must verification email andGoogle authentication, but trading at Bittrex is very best because minimum trade and the trading fees is very cheap and Market have a great volume, but if you want making withdrawal must completed kyc verification and this hard for other user. Sometimes website hard for access Sometimes the website is slow to access maybe many users access it or something must fixed, if you access with mobile phone you can feel that.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Binance is a large market, and with many users, the trading volume is very high. Having good service, deposits and withdrawals are very fast. For trading it has an easy display. IEO there is also very good, because the famous market binance attracts so many investors to buy it. There are many good projects in this market, and they are targeted by other projects to be listed there. In the world of Cryptocurrency there is no one who does not recognize binance, has a good reputation, good service, and is very trusted so that makes this market the preferred by users.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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