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Litecoin , the most popular crypto-currency, has been experiencing volatility since July, with the price plung ing over 50% in the past two weeks. The price hit an all -time high of $ 3,200 in early October but has been in decline since the beginning of the year . The company believes the situation will return to stability , but they aren't ruling out a temporary dip in activity or price decline . According to Bit cointalk , users are able to change their Litecoin address via a "new wallet " or an "old wallet " via the settings. The company also stated that, in the future , users would be able to use Bitcoin as their Lite coin wallet and vice versa. They are currently running a Lite coin test net, and it is currently undergoing its "alpha " stages . The site also revealed that the company was working on two new Litecoin based wallets for iOS and Android . The " liteco ind " and " l iteco lite co ind " are both still in early stages.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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