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Status is a promising project with a very good concept, bringing privacy, taking away the power of governments and large corporations and returning power to the common population. It also shows a break in the monopoly, so I think the project is very good. I recommend people to take a look at the retreat of this project because it will revolutionize the chat of messages. But the project does not yet serve the end user, the project must make adjustments to this or the user will have to strive to correspond to the project. Also the app still has some flaws, I don't know if they are flaws, but in the user's creation there seems to be a bug. But the project is very good and promising.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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This is one of the best wallets out there, easy to use, very fast, with a multiple wallet system. It's my favorite wallet, so I recommend everyone to use it. For me she is top 1, I think many will agree with me, the support is very good and quick to resolve. What bothers me in this wallet is for not asking for a password when I intend to send the coins. She asks for the password first and then doesn't ask again, I'm afraid to leave my cell phone on one day and someone send the coins. That is why you must ask for a password when sending coins. But other than that, this wallet is the best that exists in the world of cryptocurrencies.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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